Established 1952

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קרדוש נצרת בע"מ

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[email protected]
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5 Hayotzer, NOF HAGALIL 1789089
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ב' - ו' משעה 07:15 ועד 16:30
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Kardosh Nazareth Ltd was established in 1995 as a successor to the sole proprietorship founded in 1952 by the late Aziz Kardosh and is currently located in Nof HaGalil.

Kardosh Nazareth Ltd designs, manufactures, and installs truck and trailer body parts.

As a result of 68 years of experience, the company has built a reputation throughout the country and abroad. The company's great advantage is the wide range of production capabilities it possesses in many different fields.

Computerized engineering and planning services are provided by a professional team of engineers according to the customer's needs. A perfect solution begins with the product's design, supervises the production stages, and finishes with its installation.

Throughout the year, Kardosh Nazareth Ltd provides its customers with a complete range of technical solutions with availability, speed, and efficiency.

The following entities are among its clients:

HaNegev veHaArabah Transport Company Ltd

Saleh Khamis and Sons Ltd

HaGalil HaMaaravi Ltd

Transport companies, KIL

D. S. A. L. Merhavim associated with Shapir Engineering and Industry Group

Shel-Tal Transport Ltd

Elkayam Agencies Ltd


Colmobil Ltd

and many others.

In 2003, a new factory was built in the Tziporit industrial area on a main traffic axis connecting the center region to the Galilee on an area of 12.5 dunams, including 4,500 square meters of industrial space.

Investing in new equipment in the new factory will facilitate the company's ability to supply products of the highest quality in Israel.

Fields of Activity

  • Boxes
  • Car body
  • Equipment and vehicles
  • Vehicles
  • Bodies of trucks and buses
  • industrial Machinery and equipment


  • Motor vehicles and car bodies
  • Car Boxes and Bodies
  • Truck trailers, used in plants, docks, terminals, etc.

Executives working in KARDOSH NAZARETH LTD.

MIchael Kardosh

MIchael Kardosh

Saliba Kardosh

Saliba Kardosh

Suhair Abu Sinni

Suhair Abu Sinni


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