KMM Recycling Industries

Established 1989

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ק.מ.מ. מפעלי מיחזור בע"מ

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KMM Recycling Industries

The company's field of activity


The company is engaged in collecting and recycling all types of paper, cardboard and newspaper waste and providing shredding services for classified documents, magnetic media, plastic, PET nylon, textiles and tire recycling.

The company collects and produces raw materials for the paper industry, from which its factories produce new paper.


Seniority and experience

Seniority and experience in the relevant field since 1974, based on the purchase of the entire paper activity from T.M.M. Integrated Recycling Industries Ltd., including the assets, the equipment, the factory, and the transfer of all the personnel, the managers.

The number of employees employed in the company – 450


vehicles and trucks

Number of vehicles used to transport supplies and services. The company owns about 130 commercial trucks.

All the trucks and the service managers, the operations managers, and the marketing and management of the company, are networked using mobile phones, in addition the company operates subcontractors for transporting containers for export and for transporting finished products about 10 additional trucks.


Supplier and customer collection axes

The company operates a service system on a national scale, which includes 50 conveyor lines and service hubs on a regular basis designed and operated by the company in addition to the fixed hubs, the company operates about 20 collection hubs according to call and according to the filling rate of the containers/compressors/presses owned by the company located at suppliers.


Computing and Control

The collection system, the service axes, the lists of suppliers and customers, are computerized and enable the planning of collection axes on a geographical basis, and the receipt of performance reports according to: collection quantities, types of service, deadlines in a cross-section of coordinator tools, types of service, suppliers, and any other cross-section that may be required.


The geographical distribution

The company's collection and service hubs are from Eilat to Hermon and the Golan Heights in the north.


Four operation centers (plants)

One of the company's operations centers is located in the old industrial area of ​​Israel.

A second operational center of the company is being opened in Nitzani Oz

The third center is a tire recycling plant located in Emek Sara in Be'er Sheva

Fourth center, a waste transfer station located at A.T. The new one is West Rosh Laz




In the Rishon LeZion industrial area

In a factory with an area of ​​about 15,000 square meters.

It is based on new equipment and includes sheds, production, a sorting system and conveyors, a press that produces sized balls

Export size and other equipment for processing and handling paper waste, and sorting and handling other waste,

The factory has a closed shed with a sophisticated industrial paper shredder designed for shredding classified documents.


A factory in Nitsani Oz

In a factory with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters.

The factory has a sorting system for paper and bottles

The factory has a licensed garage for handling trucks.

Locksmith for the construction of sanitation equipment with the approval of the Standards Institute.

A department for the recovery of reusable paper that includes guillotines and cutting and printing.


TMC - Tire Recycling Industries Ltd. was established in 2011 by KM Recycling Enterprises with the aim of providing a unique and high-quality solution in the field of tire recycling.


At TMC, tire waste is treated as a raw material and technology is applied that separates the tire into its various components (rubber, iron and fabric) and returns each component to the appropriate industry.

The factory machines were purchased from the Danish company ELDAN, which has extensive experience in planning and building tire recycling plants.

All facilities comply with the strictest European standards.

The company is engaged in collecting, sorting, shredding and processing waste tires and thus provides a solution to the nuisance of used tires.

The company handles 30,000 tons per year.

Employs 45 male and female workers in a rotation of three shifts.

The company has a fleet of trucks of various types that provide our customers from all over the country with tire collection and recycling services.

TMC-Tire Recycling Industries Ltd. has the appropriate knowledge and capabilities to handle all types of tires. The company provides its customers with a variety of suitable measures according to the different needs of each organization.

The main product that is created in the production process is rubber flakes (60% of the tire).

These rubber flakes are used as raw materials in industries. Among other things, the rubber is used for:


1. Substitute fuel for energy


2. Acoustic insulation in the construction industry


3. Safety surfaces


The company has the strictest standards in the field.

Transfer station for the reception of all the waste of the city of Rishon Lezion, including household garbage, wet garbage,

 Dry waste, trimmings, and industry.

We also set up a facility at the station to receive packages of the Packaging Law, an innovative automatic facility that receives

About two-thirds of the packaging (orange cans) collected in Israel and managed by the Tamir Recycling Corporation

in Israel

Fields of Activity

  • Containers
  • Environmental Research
  • Scrap Metal
  • Waste Collection, Recycling And Disposal
  • Shredding and compressing cardboard and paper
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Paper Recycling
  • Computers - Data Protection / Information Security
  • Computers - Systems - Sale


  • Paper bins
  • Recycling, waste materials
  • Data security
  • Recycling Industries

Executives working in KMM Recycling Industries

Photo of Company Manager

Eyal Kortov

Joint General Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Liran Kortov

Joint General Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Nava Band

Finance Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Philip Kortov

Photo of Company Manager

Shahar Kortov

Joint General Manager

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Company Registration Number 512928482


Parent Company BLUEGEN LTD


    Paper Recycling
    Waste Collection, Recycling And Disposal
    (ESHEL) KMM Ltd.
    Paper Recycling

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