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ר.ח.ש ביטחון (2016) בע"מ

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[email protected]
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391 Margulin, BEER SHEVA 8488500
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Rahash Security (2016) Ltd.

Rahash Security (2016) Ltd. is a security company that provides security solutions, technological solutions, and provides cleaning services nationwide.

The company provides a security package tailored to the client’s needs, world class security solutions, as well as tech savvy solutions, including assembling the alignment, presenting it to the client, and performing the actual work.

The company’s managers have been operating in their field for a long time in a professional manner and hold proven expertise in the fields of security, cleaning services, and technology.

The company consults with several prominent security consultants from the field of security and technology.


The Company’s Vision

To lead Israel’s security, safety, cleaning services, and tech fields, while providing innovative, creative, and relevant solutions tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.


Management Team

Mr. Guy Atia, Owner

Holds 20 years of proven experience in the field of security and tech, has profound knowledge in this field, and is an expert in providing solutions.

Mr. Yosi Barda, CEO

Manages the company, served in several commanding positions in the Israeli Police’s intelligence and detecting fields. He holds many years of proven experience in the fields of investigations and intelligence, was formerly the CEO of H.O.S (2013-2016) and operated its security alignment during those years.


Managerial Experience

The company’s owners and managers hold vast managerial experience and expertise in significant projects and in a wide variety of fields in the fields of security, cleaning, and technology.

Code of Ethics

Compliance with the provisions of the law.

The company, its managers, and its employees will fully obey all state laws and the regulations of the relevant authorities.


Employees (Human Capital)

Rahash will treat its employees fairly, while complying to regulatory requirements, will fully maintain their rights and consider the law and the relevant agreements.


Client Privacy

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information provided to us by our clients.


Fairness to Suppliers and Business Partners

We treat our suppliers and partners fairly, both during the negotiation phase and throughout the work process with them.


Integrity, Leading by Example, and Maintaining our Moral Standards

Each of the company’s managers and employees conduct himself according to the institution's values and will maintain the purity of morals, integrity, reliability, confidentiality, and maintain reliable and accurate reporting.


Guiding Principles

Professional expertise; report; training; speed; technology; flexibility; deterrence; command and control; effectiveness.

Fields of Activity

  • Investigations Offices
  • Organized trips
  • Security and guarding
  • Security companies
  • Building And Office Cleaning


  • Guard services
  • Cleaning service

Executives working in RAHASH SECURITY (2016) LTD

Photo of Company Manager

Guy Atia

Photo of Company Manager

Yosi Barda

Photo of Company Manager

Omri Soussan


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Company Registration Number 515514719


Parent Company Atia Guy

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