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Established 1987

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מאיר בר מוחא, עו"ד

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Meir Bar Mocha, Adv.

The firm of Adv. Meir Bar-Mocha has made a name for itself through outstanding professional accomplishments since 1987, when the renowned expert in family and estate law founded it. His expertise is in handling complicated cases in family and estate legislation, specializing in varied fields including wills, real estate, inheritance, dissolving partnership and dividing property, trusts, alimony, child custody, appeals and receivership. The firm offers representation in family legislation courts and rabbinical courts. Due to Adv. Bar-Mocha's integrity and competence, he is an esteemed authority in his field.

With an LLB from the Tel Aviv University and a Master's Degree in Legal Psychology, Adv. Bar-Mocha is a certified mediator, arbitrator and notary. He is certified to serve as a director of public companies, by the University of Tel Aviv, a member of the Israeli bar Association, and has served as a chairman of a public company. His accolades include managing and counseling on some of the most high profile divorce cases for public figures, high-end business executives, celebrities, artists and distinguished personalities. His unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of justice for his clients is unmatched, as a litigator.

The Bar-Mocha Law Firm: Personalized Service with Humanity and Integrity

Thanks to its reputation, the Bar-Mocha firm has the privilege of handpicking the cases it manages, thus allowing for a personal commitment including the necessary attention to details and sensitive handling required. The firm provides not only meticulous, reliable management, but also a keen understanding of the necessity for support and stability during trying ordeals.

Appreciating that divorce proceedings require utmost sensitivity when custody of children is involved, Adv. Bar-Mocha utilizes his vast experience to ease the situation. Through mediation and compromising between the spouses, the optimal legal outcomes are achieved.

Expertise in Legal Proceedings and System of the Rabbinical Courts

A unique advantage in the rabbinical courts is Adv. Bar-Mocha's extensive understanding of Jewish law pertaining to divorce, usually necessitating the services of rabbinical pleaders. In fact, his skillful navigations between civil and religious divorce laws, concerning the Ketuba, alimony, child support, and more are key in his litigation work.

Among Adv. Bar-Mocha achievements, are breakthrough rulings concerning divorce matters where the rabbinical courts had misused their authority and the Supreme Court intervened, and even bringing about change in the uniformity of Ketubot before the Supreme Rabbinical Court. He has thousands of hours of appearances in rabbinical and regular courts behind him.

A Litigator in Religious and Regular Law Courts

Adv. Bar-Mocha has spent years litigating in rabbinical courts, family legislation courts, district courts and the Supreme Court. This experience enables him to determine the different risks and possibilities in each specific case. His ability to break down the legal issue into its strategic, tactical aspects is a result of the varied knowledge in this field he has acquired over the years.

One Lawyer for Several Fields

Most cases require several experts relevant to family law, yet Adv. Bar Mocha's grasp of commercial law, civil law and real estate legislation make this costly complication avoidable. His skill and expertise in leading negotiations is extensive, whether in mediation or litigation. His ability to solve financial, business and property entanglements allows him to serve in financial cases, as an executer of wills and as an implementer of court orders.

Focusing on the Community

Beyond his regular work, Adv. Bar-Mocha has dedicated his time and effort to the community, offering pro bono legal counsel to people in need of legal aid through community services, welfare services and other social infrastructures. He has lectured and trained police officers on legal psychological issues, taught handling of family violence situations through decision making processes and has shared his extensive research on these legal matters. His work has aided disadvantaged populations overlooked by the law, contributing to the overall wellbeing of the community.

Outstanding Accomplishments

Adv. Bar-Mocha stands amongst the top family and estate lawyers in Israel, due to his contributions to innovative legislation. He has succeeded in obtaining moderate rulings in district courts (currently family courts) and rabbinical courts. The Supreme Court and the Supreme Rabbinical Court have recognized his involvement in breakthrough rulings such as jurisdiction between couples of mixed religion, religious divorce, alimony cases, financial and property rulings and Ketuba unity as precedents. His groundbreaking accolades span a wide range of economic-related issues including dissolving companies and partnerships, resource equalizing, receiverships, property division, and all matters pertaining to ownership, real estate, corporations and inheritance cases.

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