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Established 2001

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יריב גוטמן, עו"ד

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89 Medinat Hayehudim, HERZLIYA 4676672
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Adv. Yariv Gutman, admitted to the Israel Bar Association since 1998.

1.    Yariv Gutman & Co., Law Firm, which is headquartered in 89 Medinat HaYehudim, Herzliya Pituach, specializes in the provision of legal services in a variety of fields, including real estate law, real estate tax, municipal tax and handling development charges, commercial law and commercial litigation while integrating commercial and business perspectives into the firm's work.

2.    We provide our clients with ongoing legal services at all hours, with preplanning of the required strategy and tactics, from the belief that the secret of success stems from collaboration with the client, thorough work and preplanning of the goals and the paths of actions with our guiding motto in working with our clients being: Professionalism, Reliability, Thoroughness, Discreetness and availability. Adv. Yariv Gutman selected the firm's mission to be a boutique firm that provides its clients with an immediate response for any question and or request.

3.    The firm provides a comprehensive solution for our clients' commercial activity needs, from the concept stage, through planning, establishment and day-to-day operations, in prosperity as in crisis.

4.    The vast experience that Adv. Gutman accumulated during his 20 years as a real estate attorney who also practices commercial and business law enables the firm to provide its clients with ongoing legal and business counsel at a high professional level and to find efficient, appropriate and creative solutions for its clients.

5.    We carefully maintain personal, direct and honest relationships with our clients, and we always emphasize their benefit, needs and interests.

6.    The firm's main practice areas are as follows:

Real Estate

The firm accompanies contractors and private entrepreneurs in projects across Israel, including residential projects, commercial projects, purchasing groups, and asset-swap agreements. Our firm closely supports the entrepreneur from the beginning of the project to its completion, in all of its legal aspect, including negotiations, support in all of the commercial agreements with professional and contractors and in securing bank support, sale agreement vis-à-vis the buyers and eventually in the parcellation, lot merging and registration of multi-occupancy houses.

In addition, the firm represents private clients in the sale and/or purchase of new and second-hand apartments, and also in rental agreements, with an end-to-end support for the client from the perspective that as the client wishes to sell or acquire the property we must leave no stone unturned in order to carry out the transaction.

Our firm has vast experience in accompanying sellers or buyers transactions in commercial real-estate sale and/or rental agreements, the firm has vast experience in supporting transactions of this kind, which require a particular expertise, including a review of the tenants, the management agreements, the zoning plan of the property etc.

Tenant Protection Law

Our firm has a particular expertise in tenant protection and key money area both in the residential field and in the commercial field. Our firm represents property owners against protected tenants, inter alia in all aspects of the ongoing conduct, rent collection, eviction of protected tenants, buying out the protected tenant and in legal proceedings in the courts as required. The firm also represents protected tenants, inter alia, in proceedings against property owners, rights sale to third parties or the owner, representation in negotiations with the owners for sale purposes and also in court proceedings as required.

Urban Renewal

Our firm accumulated experience in urban renewal and Tama 38 and it accompanies both initiators and house committees and apartment owners in this field.

Real Estate Taxation

Our firm provides an umbrella of counseling services for all of its clients in the field of real estate taxation, including betterment tax, purchasing tax, and VAT, both for initiators and private clients in any real estate purchase or sale process, from the understanding the tax liability must be reduced to the possible minimum and every exemption that is available by law should be used.

Business Commercial Practice

We accumulated vast experience in this field including all matters concerning the facilitation of business from planning to execution, representation in negotiations on agreements, concessions, partnerships, acquisitions, investment agreements, ongoing legal counsel for individuals and companies, management of complex legal proceedings, injunctions and monetary lawsuits.

Commercial Litigation

Our firm has accumulated 20 years of extensive experience in administrative petitions, eviction claims, breakup of partnerships claims, representation in appeals or objections before tribunals such as the Land Tax, Betterment Charges, Water Corporations etc. Our firm also has vast experience in managing disputes that are related to real estate transactions.

Municipal Taxation

Our firm specializes in municipal taxes and in particular in conducting thorough reviews of the charges that developers are required to pay at the time and as a prerequisite of receiving permits from local commissions and water corporations on all aspects of tunneling, pavement, roads, open public spaces and sewage charges and construction fees, etc. Our firm cooperates with external advisors including engineers and appraisers in order to review the charges that have been imposed on the developer in order to review them from both the legal and the accounting aspects. Our firm has vast experience in reducing charges before payment and even in refunding them to the developer after payment. Our firm provides a unique service of free-of-charge reviewing of invoices in real time or after payment where the firm receives only a percentage of the actual refund. The firm achieved many successes in this field and thus far returned millions of Shekels that were overcharged to our clients.

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