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קודית פתרונות תוכנה בע"מ

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Codit Software Solutions Ltd

Codit Software Solutions is a leading software developer that provides consulting and customized software development services. Codit provides innovative technology and engineering solutions that pave the way to success for any organization, company or business. Businesses can promote their commercial goals and increase profits with the company's diverse services.

In addition, the company offers entrepreneurs individual support services to strengthen and grow their ideas. After conducting in-depth research on each idea, brand, or start-up, the process of characterization begins, along with establishing the ground rules for the continuation of the work, designing and planning the innovative product, receiving technological advice from an expert in that field, and managing and monitoring the project as it unfolds.


A Unique Service for Start-up Companies

As part of its comprehensive service package, Codit offers a dedicated service for launching start-ups with business development, technology, and legal experts. Codit facilitates the development of an initial prototype of a company's product/service for the fastest and most efficient market entry.


Advanced Digital Solutions Alongside Financial and Legal Services

The strategic engineering consulting provided at Codit Software allows its customers to advance their businesses technologically and digitally. At the same time, the company provides additional complementary services to its customers, such as checking and registering patents, registering copyrights, product designs and trademarks, building business models, creating a marketing strategy, product development, cloud solutions, and much more.

Fields of Activity

  • Computer Services
  • Computer Software
  • Computers - Software - Development
  • Software Services
  • Hitech
  • Computing Services
  • electronics
  • Computers - Software Houses
  • Computers - Systems - Sale
  • Computers - Integrated Systems Design


  • Computer software development
  • Software Applications
  • Cloud computing services
  • Software houses

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Yosef Majadley

Owner & CEO

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Parent Company Majadla Yosef

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