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כץ גבע איצקוביץ KGI – משרד עו"ד

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KGI - Katz, Geva Itzkovitz Law Firm

The firm was founded by attorneys Alex Katz, Erez Geva, and Moti Itzkovits in 2008. Their main areas of practice are municipal taxation, planning and construction, and business licensing with special emphasis on general property taxes and fees and development levies. The firm currently has 35 permanent employees, of which 14 are lawyers who all specialize in these fields.

The firm's founders and other senior lawyers in the firm have additional qualifications in economics and accounting beyond their legal education.

The firm's founders have been active in the field since the 1990s, accumulating professional knowledge and a great reputation, being responsible for dozens of legal decisions and precedents.

Their experience includes appearances in all legal courts and representing property owners in front of all local authorities.

The founders of the firm have been involved in decisions of various appeals committees, in courts, as well as decisions and rulings of the Supreme Court of Israel. The total savings achieved for the firm's clients amount to approximately 6 billion ILS!!!

Areas of Practice

Municipal taxation - general property tax, development fees and levies, construction fees, water and sewer corporations, and legal opinions in the field.

Planning and construction - development agreements, improvement levies, management of objections, claims for compensation for expropriations and a decrease in real estate value, legal opinions in the field, and regulation of construction licensing.

Real estate - mandatory payments to the Israel Land Administration (lease, capitalization, permit fees, etc.), appreciation taxes, purchase taxes, property tax obligations, real estate transactions, and various real estate matters.

Core Values

Professional and thorough care, providing excellent customer service and fast response time, all while making sure to maintain a good relationship with the relevant authorities.

Office Infrastructure

The firm is equipped to handle a large volume of municipal charges for properties nationwide. The computer systems in the office include a dedicated and unique asset management system, which is used for the ongoing management of thousands of charges and assets. The system is prepared to receive many and varied customer charges nationwide (including in peripheral settlements) and to provide a quick and effective response. After the billing data is entered into the system, the information is processed, exceptions are located, and diverse reports are produced to allow for an in-depth cross-sectional and point-by-point analysis of the information, and optimal handling while fully involving the client in the process. he system also allows for synchronization with existing information systems (SAP) of the clients.

The office has a business development department, managed by Mrs. Miri Menachem, available to clients at all times and for all needs.

Avoiding representation of local authorities

The firm has never represented local authorities and/or planning and construction institutions and aims to avoid providing services to local authorities and/or planning institutions in the future either.

In addition to this commitment, the founders of the office have in the past and will continue in the future to maintain good relations with relevant entities in various authorities, recognizing their value and status, all while fully protecting the interests of the office's clients, understanding the need to maintain the relationship between the office's clients and local authorities in which they operate.

The office has the logistical and professional ability to handle "huge" assessments alongside handling hundreds and thousands of small charges.

The firm has 30 permanent employees, of which 14 are lawyers, all of whom work in the field. This human resource capacity is among the largest among law offices in the field, if not the largest. At the head of the office are attorneys Alex Katz, Erez Givon, and Moti Itzkovich, who have accumulated over 40 years of experience in the field.

Furthermore, as will be detailed later, the office is equipped with a dedicated computer system developed for it, allowing for handling, monitoring, and controlling thousands of obligations simultaneously.

Advantages of the office

Proven capabilities and extensive experience in handling multi-property entities nationwide and large-area entities

Good familiarity with all relevant authorities

The firm's experience and activity in providing services to property-owning entities, with a nationwide presence (such as banks and fuel companies), provide the office with a significant advantage in understanding their mode of operation and key personnel in every authority and service. The office is well acquainted with its practices and policies, while the authorities also recognize the office's position and professional ability.

Proven Legal Achievements - The office conducts legal proceedings in all legal courts while maintaining proper communication with the local authorities. Attorneys at the firm are responsible for numerous judgments and legal precedents in the field of municipal taxation, filing class actions, and more.

Decades of experience, specialization, prestige, and seniority - The founders of the firm and its employees have dedicated professional experience in the field. The firm's staff has extensive experience in dealing with municipal taxation of all types.

Creativity and unique ideas - the firm's founders developed creative ideas, some of which were implemented in practice and yielded significant savings for their clients.

The firm only represents taxpayers and does not represent local authorities and/or water and sewerage corporations.

Control of hundreds of thousands of properties through a unique system developed specifically for this purpose.

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Executives working in Katz Geva Itzkovitz KGI - Law Office

Alex  Katz

Alex Katz

Founder and Partner
Erez Geva

Erez Geva

Founder and Partner
Motti Itzkovitz

Motti Itzkovitz

Founder and Partner

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