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כץ גבע איצקוביץ KGI – משרד עו"ד

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A. Katz, Geva Itzkowitz - Law Office

The firm was established by attorneys Alex Katz, Erez Geva and Moti Itzkowitz in 2008. Their main areas of practice are municipal taxation, planning and construction and business licensing with special emphasis on general property taxes, development fees and levies. The firm currently employs 35 permanent employees, of whom 16 are lawyers who all specialize in the field.


In addition to their legal education, the firm's founders and other senior lawyers in the firm, have education in finance and accounting.


The firm's founders have been involved in the field since the 1990s, have accumulated professional knowledge and a great reputation in their areas of expertise and have been responsible for dozens of judgments and legal precedents.


Their experience includes appearing in all courts and representing asset-intensive entities before all local authorities.


The firm's founders have won in various appeal committees, in courts, and in Supreme Court decisions.


The cumulative savings achieved for the firm's clients over the past five years add up to a total of NIS 5,398,710,222 !!!



B. Areas of Practice

Municipal taxation - general property taxes, development fees and levies, construction fees, water and sewage corporations, legal expert opinions in the field.

Planning and construction - development agreements, improvement levies, management of objections, claims for compensation for expropriations, legal expert opinions in the field, building licensing.

Real Estate - mandatory payments to the Israel Lands Administration (lease, capitalization, permit fees, etc.), appreciation taxes, purchase taxes, property tax debts, real estate transactions and related real estate matters.


C. Fundamental values

Professional and thorough care, provision of excellent customer service, fast response time, while also ensuring a proper relationship with the relevant authorities.


D. Office infrastructure

The firm is prepared to handle a large amount of municipal charges for properties nationwide. The office's computer systems include a dedicated and unique asset management system, which is used for the ongoing management of thousands of charges and assets. The system is prepared to receive many and varied charges from customers in a full nationwide deployment (including in peripheral localities) and to provide a quick, simultaneous and effective response. After entering the billing data into the system, the information is processed, anomalies are identified, and various reports are produced that allow for in-depth, horizontal and point-by-point analysis of the information, and provide an optimal treatment response, with full customer participation in the process. It is possible for the system to synchronize with existing customer information systems (SAP).

The office has a business development department managed by Miri Menachem, who is always available to customers.


E. Avoidance of representing local authorities

The firm has never represented local authorities and / or planning and construction institutions and has set itself the goal of not providing services to local authorities and / or planning institutions in the future.

In addition to this commitment, the firm's founders have maintained a good relationship with the relevant parties in the various authorities, recognizing their value and status, all while safeguarding the interests of the firm's clients, given the importance of maintaining the relationship between the client and the local authority.


F. Workflow

The firm's founders have extensive experience in litigation in all courts and in conducting negotiations with the various authorities.


For the purpose of the tender, it was decided that the team that will handle and accompany the project will first and foremost include the partners in the firm, with Adv. Erez Geva to be appointed as the team leader / senior attorney, with the rest of the staff assisting them, all as detailed in the tender specifications.


G. Space-intensive bodies

The firm has special expertise in handling space-intensive bodies that are similar to yours in many ways.

The firm has the logistical and professional ability to handle "huge" volumes alongside handling hundreds and thousands of small charges.

The firm employs 35 permanent employees, of whom 16 are lawyers, all of whom work in the field. The firm is headed by attorneys Alex Katz, Erez Geva and Moti Itzkowitz, who have accumulated experience of over 40 years in the field.

Moreover, as explained below, the firm is equipped with a dedicated computer system that allows it to handle, monitor and control thousands of charges at once.


H. Office advantages


ü Proven capabilities and substantial experience in handling multi-asset entities nationwide and land-intensive entities


ü A thorough understanding of all relevant authorities

Due to the firm's extensive experience of providing service to asset-intensive entities (such as banks and fuel companies), the firm has a distinct advantage in understanding how they operate and key personnel in each authority. The firm is well acquainted with their practices and policies, on the other hand, the authorities are also well aware of the firm's status in the field and its professional ability.




ü Proven legal achievements

The firm conducts legal proceedings in all legal instances and at the same time maintains a proper relationship with the local authorities. Attorneys at the firm are responsible for many judgments and legal precedents in the field of municipal taxation on a variety of issues, filing class actions and much more.


ü Decades of experiencee, specialization, and reputation 

The firm's staff has extensive experience in handling municipal taxation of all kinds.


ü Creativity and unique ideas

The firm’s founders developed creative ideas some of which were put into practice and yielded highly significant savings for their clients.


ü The firm represents taxpayers only and does not represent local authorities and / or water and sewage corporations


ü Monitoring of hundreds of thousands of properties using a unique system


The system was developed especially for the firm and is capable of processing data of hundreds of thousands of properties nationwide, the system centralizes property tax charges, water consumption charges, signage fee charges, guard fee charges, various data and legal information for each property.


The system performs the necessary actions for checking the charges, alerts you to overcharges and allows you to generate various reports at any time, such as: charges report (property tax and others), water consumption report, additional charges report, legal activity report ( status of objections, appeals, lawsuits and inquiries to authorities) all while referring to specific definitions for each property with the possibility of creating asset groups and subgroups (for example: leased assets, assets by type - for example in banks: branch, management, bank, leased property, etc.), provision of statistical analyzes by different sections and more.


By using the system, it is possible to monitor the charges (the charges are analyzed at a professional level by the firm), perform various analyzes, monitor the progress of legal cases - all at the click of a button (customers will be able to access the system remotely in the near future).

The system has synchronization options with other existing systems, for example SAP: the typed billing data, legal processing and results of reports are transmitted and received automatically in dedicated modules in the customer's SAP program.

The system has the option of full adaptation to the unique needs of each customer and unlimited expansion options.


ü Adequate adjustment of the firm's capabilities to the requirements of tenders both on an ongoing basis as well as on a special basis.

All the staff who will handle the charges that are the subject of the tender have a great deal of experience in the field.

Alex Katz, Erez Geva, and Moti Itzkowitz are the leading attorneys in the field with an accumulated experience of about 40 years.

They handle all the major customers in the economy, such as: the ports of Ashdod and Haifa, refineries (in Haifa and Ashdod), oil and gas companies, fuel companies, insurance companies, banks, construction companies, government companies, and infrastructure entities. They are the ones who conduct the negotiations on the retroactive assessments and on the charges of initiated fees and development levies as well as on various complex issues.


ü Availability and customer service

The staff of the firm and in particular the attorneys who will be assigned will be at your service while giving paramount importance to a quick response and availability at all times.


ü Existence of a dedicated system that allows to provide service in accordance with customer requirements


Barkat system has been developed especially for the firm and is capable of processing data for hundreds of thousands of properties nationwide. This system is constantly being developed and upgraded. We invest a lot of resources in order to provide our clients with the full range of tools required for asset tracking and management. The firm can customize the system to each customer's requirement, improve the existing one and add additional tools, in order to maximize your savings.


• The system compiles all the necessary information, including general data of the property, municipal tax charges, plans, existing legal documentation for the property and more.

• The handling of charges begins already at the intake stage - the system has a unique mechanism that prevents the entry of incorrect data. At the stage of receiving the charge, the system performs a number of automatic checks and alerts you to a charge that does not comply with the established rules, classifies the charge according to the urgency of handling it, indicates abnormal charges that require immediate attention and more.

• The system calculates the property tax charge that should have been received for the property (in accordance with the property tax order and the history of the charges) and compares it with the actual charge received. If there is a discrepancy, the charge is classified as an abnormal charge which requires attention and is referred to the person in charge immediately.


• The system monitors legal proceedings, keeps track of deadlines for appeals, lawsuits and hearings, allows at any time to produce a status report.

•Option to view documents on each property including any billing such as: scanned billing, property measurement charts, submissions and any other document related to the property.

• The system provides a unique database for the purpose of performing various tests on how the charges are imposed by the authorities and assists in the preparation of claims.


• The system can be fully customized to meet the needs of each individual customer. In this way, for instance, at the request of a customer who owns hundreds of properties nationwide, the system handles all adjustments between bills and payments in all his assets amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels, automatically. This option allowed the customer to streamline internal processes, significantly reduced the costs of handling and allocating resources, improved the accuracy of financial data and minimized the possibility of errors.


ü System reports can be produced in various formats, including Excel and Word files:

• Charges report and balance sheets: The system calculates the property tax bill that should have been received and compares it with the actual bill received, while issuing alerts for non-compliance. The system identifies the charges that need to be addressed by an authority. Also presented in the report are the property tax balances for the property and a comparison of the property tax balances using the authority's data.

By analyzing charges and balances, it is possible to identify charges that require attention, monitor changes in assets, and much more.


• Comparison of billing data with physical data: the system allows you to generate a comparison report between the billing providers of the property and the data obtained in the actual inspection of the property. By using the report, it is possible to verify the property tax charges on the property in accordance with the actual existing situation, to simulate the property tax charges based on future uses, and to estimate the tax burden.


• Water Consumption Data Report: displays the water consumption data and charges in each period. The report compares the consumption to the billing history for the property and warns of overcharges. Using the report, it is possible to process water consumption data at different levels, including: by area of the property, by number of employees, by authorities and types of meters.

 Data reports on water consumption can be used to identify leaks, adjust charges for actual consumption, and analyze the efficiency of use.

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