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Established 2002

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Arik Shalev & Co., Law Offices

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אריק שלו ושות', חברת עורכי דין

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13 Tuval, RAMAT GAN 5252228
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The law firm of Arik Shalev & Co. specializes in providing legal services and preliminary legal counsel in the following practice areas: labor law, tort, National Insurance and insurance law, and does so through a professional, experienced and highly skilled team which is at the clients’ disposal throughout the entire process, from their first meeting with the firm. The firm, which has been operating in these practice areas for two decades, was founded and is managed by Adv. Arik Shalev, who has vast legal experience. In the framework of all of the services that the firm offers, the firm offers a high-quality legal solution to private clients, companies and institutes and it represents employers and employees, insured persons and victims and also provides legal representation in a variety of other issues. The firm’s team, which works directly which each of the clients, highly emphasizes the personal attention, the courtesy and the accurate customization of solutions to the clients’ and their circumstances, all in order to protect all of the client’s rights and exercise them.

The firm is an approved supplier of the Ministry of Defense and accordingly it provides professional legal solutions to many entities on behalf of the Ministry. The firm has extensive experience in working with funds that provide full or partial financing and also accompany legal proceedings in the torts and labor law firms. In addition, the firm is experienced in filing finance requests to various NGOs that offer legal financing solutions in the framework of class actions, in both private and government frameworks.

The firm’s team brings to the table in-depth familiarity with all of its practice areas and when necessary, as an inseparable part of managing the various legal cases, it utilizes experts from the field of taxation or medicine. These experts help to greatly improve the clients chances to exercises their rights and get what they deserve. The firm’s team includes Adv. Arik Shalev, who is active, among other activities, also in lecturing on tort, labor law and National Insurance Law. He does so in various forums, such as the Israel Bar Association, the Chamber of CPAs in Israel and in academic law studies institutes.

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  • Insurance Lawyers
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  • Tort Law
  • Employment law Attornies


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  • Torts
  • Labor Law and Social Security
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  • Malpractice and negligence law
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Arik Shalev, Adv.

Arik Shalev, Adv.


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