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קבוצת לוצאטו

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The Luzzatto Group

In Israel’s patent attorney landscape, Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys stands out as one of the most professional and highest quality of its kind. Luzzatto & Luzzatto combines a unique family tradition with professional expertise in a range of sectors on the forefront of breakthrough technologies in life sciences, communications, Internet, high-tech, agro-technology, nanotechnology, electronics, cyber security and more.

Luzzatto & Luzzatto provides a wide range of intellectual property (IP) services to clients in Israel’s government, public and business sectors, as well as to foreign multinational corporations and leading companies. In addition, The Luzzatto Group to which the firm belongs, leverages clients’ intellectual assets on a global scale, commercializes patents, and assists inventors and entrepreneurs seeking to enter international markets.

L&L’s extensive network of contacts with colleagues abroad serves the firm’s global reach.

Expertise, Generations of Experience, and Service

The combination of expertise, know-how, and generations of experience and service, alongside a deep social involvement in the local community, provide the foundation for the firm’s continued growth.

Luzzatto & Luzzatto blends in-depth and multi-disciplinary knowledge of scientific and technical developments in Israel and abroad, with an exacting standard of service focused on providing clients with an added value which draws on the firm’s vast experience in a variety of fields and industries.

The firm continues to rise to the challenges of today’s innovative landscape without forgetting its past. A family tradition based on the values of excellence and professionalism feeds the growth of today’s modern, dynamic work environment. The firm maintains a strict work ethic and enjoys a reputation for excellence, trusted by clients to handle their intellectual assets with care and professionalism.

A 149 Year-Old Professional Family History

Luzzatto & Luzzatto’s presence in IP goes back to 1869 when Riccardo Luzzatto founded The Luzzatto Law Firm in Milan, Italy, specializing in a new and exciting facet of law: intellectual and industrial property. Riccardo’s son, Enrico, joined the firm and published a book still considered to be a cornerstone of the intellectual property profession today. Enrico’s son, Dr. Edgar Luzzatto, was widely considered one of the leading patent attorneys in Europe. Edgar moved to Israel in 1971 and established what would become the firm’s Israeli branch. In the 1980’s, Edgar’s son, Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, and his wife, Dr. Esther Luzzatto, joined the firm, and together turned it into one of Israel’s leading intellectual property firms.

Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, President of the Luzzatto Group, Managing Partner and Senior Israeli Patent Attorney - Kfir is a member of various international intellectual property associations, guest lecturer at academic institutions, author of numerous books and articles in the field of intellectual property and widely considered one of Israel’s most esteemed patent attorneys.

Esther (Eti) Luzzatto, Managing Partner - Esther holds a PhD in chemistry. She is responsible for the ongoing management and business development of the firm, and spearheads the firm’s social activity. Eti is active in several public institutions and involved in multiple social initiatives which support the development of the Negev.

Lilach Luzzatto-Shukron is a partner working in the field of mechanical engineering and helps clients navigate complex engineering projects.


The firm provides services to a variety of multinational companies, to some of the world's largest pharma companies, start-ups, incubators, university commercialization companies, industrial enterprises - including the defense industry - small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and inventors.

Service Areas

Patents: Luzzatto & Luzzatto handles patent registration in Israel and abroad. The firm’s services include: patentability analyses, patent searches, drafting patent applications, and patent examinations in Israel and in foreign offices. The firm is also active in litigation processes concerning patents, trademarks, and designs, both in Israel and abroad.

Trademarks: The dynamic trademark team at Luzzatto & Luzzatto provides advice on obtaining and preserving rights in Israel and abroad. In an increasingly competitive landscape which sees many new products and companies enter the Israeli market, the firm is regularly involved in cases which impact the commercial future of valuable products.

Designs: Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys handles the comprehensive protection of industrial and graphic designs. The firm's team of experienced attorneys draws on vast experience handling design registration and creating an intellectual property strategy to protect designs in diverse fields, both for private designers and for companies.


Life Sciences - Luzzatto and Luzzatto is a recognized leader in the field of life sciences, serving some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biopharma brands. The firm’s team is attuned to the unique sensitivities of the industry from the early stages of development through the release of the final product. Luzzatto & Luzzatto’s multi-disciplinary team dedicates top resources to creating an intellectual property strategy in all fields of the life sciences with an unparalleled expertise in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

Medical Devices - The firm’s patent attorneys have rich technical backgrounds in mechanics, material engineering, electronics, optics and other disciplines required to tackle the fast pace of medical device development in Israel, and to handle the legal and business aspects to the maximum benefit of inventors and developers.  

High-Tech and Computing - Luzzatto & Luzzatto has acquired vast experience working at the heart of the Start-Up Nation in a wide variety of high-tech fields including software, apps, mechanics, electricity, and more with an eye to the nuances and intricacies of each of these fields, which affords the firm’s clients a significant advantage in this competitive industry. The firm is also active in all aspects of the protection of computer processes, both in cyber and in industrial fields.

Social Responsibility

Social involvement is one of the main pillars of the firm's activity, and its social commitment is reflected in the establishment of its head office in the Omer Technological Park (alongside the Tel Aviv office), out of a Zionist-National vision which assigns a strategic importance to the development of the Negev.

The firm is involved in dozens of community and social projects in the fields of education, sports, science and culture, as well as initiatives focused on for the economically disadvantaged, empowerment of women, support for children and youth, sports teams and more.

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  • Lawyers Litigation
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Patents and copyright


  • Law office
  • Patent, trademark and copyright law
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  • Litigation
  • Patent attorneys
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  • Trademarks
  • Civil Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • High-tech and Internet Law

Executives working in The Luzzatto Group

Kfir Luzzatto, Ph.D.

Kfir Luzzatto, Ph.D.

President of The Luzzatto Group
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Esther Luzzatto, Ph.D.

Esther Luzzatto, Ph.D.

Managing Partner
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Lilach Luzzatto-Shukrun

Lilach Luzzatto-Shukrun

Senior Partner
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Tamar Luzzatto

Tamar Luzzatto


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