Klinger Benjamin Building Permits, Business Licensing and Municipal Consulting - Senior consultants for planning and construction

Established 1983

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קלינגר בנימין רישוי עסקים והיתרי בנייה – משרד אדריכלים ומהנדסי בניין קלינגר בנימין רישוי עסקים והיתרי בנייה – משרד אדריכלים ומהנדסי בניין - יועצים בכירים לתכנון ובנייה

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בשבת פניות חרום בלבד, Sun - Thu 07:30-22:00, Fri 07:30-17:00
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Klinger Benjamin Building Permits, Business Licensing and Municipal Consulting - Senior consultants for planning and construction

Benjamin Klinger Building Permits, Business Licensing, and Municipal Consulting office is the leading office in the field of planning and construction specializing in architecture, building engineering, planning, consulting, representation, and promotion of proceedings before municipal authorities.

Benjamin Klinger's office specializes in architecture, structural engineering, issuing building permits, urban and environmental planning, taxation, business licensing, applications for extraordinary use, and regulation of construction anomalies.

The firm provides consulting and planning solutions to government ministries, authorities, private clients, businesses, law firms, architects, engineers, construction companies, local authorities, government ministries, entrepreneurs, industrialists, housing committees, property management and maintenance companies, retail chains, banks, Importers, settlements, kibbutzim, military facilities, bases, hospitals, universities, and real estate companies.

With great honor, the office of Benjamin Klinger was awarded business licensing and building permits with the Dun & Bradstreet Premium credibility mark.

Benjamin Klinger's office has a unique department dealing with the settlement of construction violations, retroactive training of construction anomalies, cancellation of closing orders, work stoppage orders, executive fines, and settlements with the authorities and the courts. Klinger employs some of the best experts in the field, many of whom have previously worked in various government positions and senior roles.

The office provides expert opinions to the courts in the field of planning and construction, architecture, construction, construction defects, permit objections, dealing with the authorities, opinions regarding building permits, works exempt from the permit, Nop 38 (tama), business licenses, construction violations, illegal use, shared house script and more.

Benjamin Klinger's office specializes in the preparation and promotion of applications for changes to zoning and the change of zoning, unusual use, building permits, NOP 38, construction additions, building evacuation, urban renewal, safe room addition (Mamad - residential secure space), application promotion, speeding up bureaucratic procedures, protection consulting, Home Front Command, statutory consulting, arrangements and agreements with the authorities, engineering services and construction supervision, reporting as required on work that is exempt from the permit according to the new regulations.

The office has extensive experience in issuing business licenses and permits/unusual use for restaurants, food establishments, event halls and gardens, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, colleges and meetings, industrial plants, hi-tech and computer companies, shopping centers and malls, banks and insurance companies, beauty salons and health, pharmacies, gyms, country clubs, swimming pools, sports facilities, hairdressers, museums, movie theaters, nursing homes, hospitals, medical institutions and clinics, operating rooms, car importers, car showrooms and sales, gas stations, parking lots, homes Hotel, hotels, hostels, warehouses, and logistics centers, as well as licenses for one-time events throughout the country.

Klinger's areas of consulting and services include building permits, business licensing, and municipal consulting:

Business licensing, building permits, plans for a business license, submission, and personal accompaniment until the receipt of the business license, unauthorized use, coordinating reviews and obtaining approvals, engineering, police, the Ministry of Health, environmental quality, firefighting, and all other factors, handling the receipt of all types of business licenses, manufacturer, catering, restaurants, cafes, event gardens, supermarkets, temporary buildings, entertainment and culture stages, hostels and hotels, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Handling and expediting delayed and special requests, creative solutions to complicated problems, temporary business licenses, requests for extraordinary use, building permits, training on construction anomalies, assistance to obtain Form 4, and a graduation certificate.

Municipal approvals for transfer in tabu/approval to register her residence even in the case of construction anomalies and splitting apartments without a permit.

Removal of danger from dangerous buildings. Constructive and health hazards.

The office excels in promoting permits and requests to strengthen buildings against earthquakes.

The office also specializes in buildings for preservation, preparing documentation files, and obtaining permits for buildings for preservation.

The office handles the reduction of property tax charges of various companies and organizations, both among the largest in Israel and in small and medium-sized businesses, which benefit from a close personal relationship. It also handles the reduction of toll charges and current levies of the construction companies as well as private entrepreneurs,

The office has a department that handles tax reduction, property tax reduction, improvement levies reduction, sewerage, channelization, construction, and development fees, with the help of economists, appraisers, and lawyers from the leaders in the field.  Often large part of the tax is based on success.

Consulting and architectural and engineering representation in planning and construction committees, district appeals committees, and the courts

Regulation of construction anomalies, cancellation of work stoppage orders, cancellation of demolition orders, closure orders, and treatment of split/divided apartments.

Safety consulting, accessibility, environmental quality, plumbing, firefighting, protection, certified surveyor services, real estate appraisal services, business and real estate licensing consulting - all consultants under one roof. Inspection of construction defects, home inspection, and opinion for the court.

Advice and support regarding import licenses for food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and beverages, advice and representation regarding the purchase and improvement of properties, thawing of land and agricultural areas, conversion of kibbutzim into community settlements, and representation before the Israel Lands Administrator to receive maximum financial compensation, treatment, and requests to reduce fees and fines.

Deletion of warning notes regarding demolition orders from the registration form, strengthening buildings to withstand earthquakes - NOP 38, building strength tests and stability certificates, professional arbitration, and mediation services in the field of planning and construction, including NOP 38 and urban renewal.

Expert advisors on behalf of the courts.

Fields of Activity

  • Architecture
  • Services Architecture
  • consulting services
  • Engineering And Engineers
  • Engineering Services
  • Urban Renewal
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Attornies
  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Real Estate Consultation
  • Structural Engineering And Civil Engineering
  • Contractor companies
  • automation
  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Industrial Buildings - New Construction
  • Entrepreneurship / Development Projects
  • Municipal consultation
  • Plumbing and water lines
  • Contractors - Infrastructure Works
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Business Services
  • Marketing and business consulting
  • Investment Companies
  • Investment Consultation
  • Investment management and counselling
  • Design and Construction
  • Lawyer Commercial


  • Architectural services
  • Advice on building permits
  • Consulting Engineer
  • NOP 38
  • Real estate law
  • Architects and architectural firms
  • Real estate consultant
  • Civil engineering
  • Engineering services
  • Corporate law
  • Contractor companies
  • Initiate projects
  • Demolition order advice
  • Infrastructure works contractor
  • Operative builders
  • Business services
  • Engineering Planning
  • Construction Exception Consultation
  • Planning and construction consulting
  • Business licensing consulting
  • Investment management and counselling
  • Evacuation of construction
  • Authorities consulting
  • Real Estate Law and Real Estate
  • Planning and Construction Law
  • Designing
  • Commercial law
  • Construction engineers

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