Benjamin Klinger

Klinger Benjamin Building Permits, Business Licensing and Municipal Consulting - Senior consultants for planning and construction

Benjamin Klinger - owner

Born: 1961.

Education: structural engineer, architect, business manager, Doctor of Law.

Current position: owner, CEO, municipal consultant.

Additional positions: Owner of Klinger Management Ltd., Klinger Business Licensing and Building Permits, Klinger. Municipal Consulting, Klinger Real Estate Improvement, Ben Klinger Architecture and Structural Engineering.

Fields: planning and construction, architecture, engineering, construction defects, municipal taxation/property tax.

Member of organizations: NFPA.

Community activity: Mentor at the Peres Academic Center, volunteering at a reserve service unit, assistance in pro bono humanitarian issues.

Languages: English, German, Hebrew.

Seniority: 41 years.

Email: [email protected]