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גבריאל ראובינוף - משרד עו"ד

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Gabriel Reubinof Law Office is one of the leading firms in Israel in the field of insurance and tort.

The firm was established in the 1940s by the late lawyer Asher Levitsky in partnership with the late attorney Max Seligman. From 1960 until 2011, the firm was headed by the late attorney Gabriel Reubinof.

Currently, the office is headed by attorney Yuval Reubinof.


In recent decades, Gabriel Reubinof Law Office has established its standing as a leading firm in providing legal representation to the largest insurance companies in the economy alongside the representation of other business companies in civil litigation procedures and ongoing legal advice.

Among the firm's clients are leading insurance corporations. As a result, the office represents many municipalities in the insurance field, as well as the water corporation and many institutions.


In 2009, the law firm was chosen to represent the State of Israel in the field of insurance and tort within the framework of a tender for external lawyers published by the state. The firm won this tender twice and continues to represent the State of Israel to this day.


In 2016, the law firm secured a tender published by Karnit Corporation to represent the corporation in district courts all over the country.


Gabriel Reubinof Law Office is an extremely reputable office in the field of insurance and tort, especially in the field of elementary insurance, professional liability insurance (engineers, architects, lawyers, insurance agents, etc.), third party damages (bodily and property), employers' liability, medical malpractice, traffic accidents, Officers' liability insurance and life insurance, and it represents clients in all these areas in all courts, including the Supreme Court.


Among other things, Gabriel Reubinof Law Office handled in the past and is handling the largest tort claims that were and are being conducted in Israel. The law firm dealt with the tort claims of the victims of the Arad disaster, the Maccabiah disaster, the flooding of l Ayalon River, the air pollution claim in the Ramat Hovav area, the flooding of Tel Aviv in January 2020, including the elevator disaster as a representative of the Municipality of Tel Aviv and Ayalon, the Tzafit disaster as a representative of Migdal, and represented a large number of plaintiffs in the Versailles disaster , as well as the victims of the extermination disaster in Jerusalem. Gabriel Reubinof Law Office specializes in complex legal litigation in the field of tort and insurance.


In recent years, the law office has been in a constant development momentum which is reflected in the increase of the office's institutional clients as well as a significant expansion of the workforce.

At present, the firm employs about thirty lawyers, operating in two branches - in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

For about five decades, Gabriel Reubinof Law Office has been providing the firm's clients with high-quality and professional personal legal services, striving to provide the best possible results for its clients.


Areas of expertise:


Insurance and tort - this is the main field of expertise of the firm since its founding. The law firm represents the leading insurance companies in Israel, as well as the State of Israel, educational institutions, public bodies, and many private clients. The law firm provides representation in the elementary field, professional liability insurance, third party claims (bodily and property), employers' liability, medical malpractice, traffic accidents, office bearers' liability insurance and life insurance.


Real estate and civil-commercial law - the firm's activity in this area is noteworthy in drafting complex real estate agreements, combination transactions, accompanying and promoting residential and business projects, as well as accompanying the firm's clients before the planning and construction authorities during project launching. The firm provides ongoing legal guidance to business entities that own real estate throughout the country.


Drafting of wills - the firm assists with drafting wills for prominent clients of the firm in cases of complex inheritances.


Class actions - this field requires familiarity with the ins and outs of legislation and law and great professionalism in managing the complex legal proceedings. In recent years, the firm has filed class action lawsuits in the field of consumerism and communication.


The partners:


Adv. Yuval Reubinof, senior partner, holds a bachelor's degree in law from the Hebrew University, a member of the Bar Association since 1991. He specializes in the fields of tort, insurance and real estate, and litigation in these fields. Attorney Yuval Reubinof has been involved in a number of legal landmarks in the field of insurance and torts that took place in Israel, including the claims of victims of the Arad disaster, the Maccabiah bridge collapse disaster, the Ayalon and HaYarkon rivers floods, the collapse of the roof at the Makif Vav school in Be'er Sheva, as well as the Versailles disaster.


Adv. Haim Meir, partner, holds a bachelor's degree in law from the Hebrew University, member of the Bar Association since 1992. He specializes in torts, insurance, real estate and litigation with an emphasis on the areas of liabilities and professional liability of engineers, architects, local authorities, lawyers, etc.


Adv. Amitai Yehieli, partner and head of the firm's team in Jerusalem, holds a bachelor's degree in law from the Hebrew University, a member of the Bar Association since 2003. He specializes in tort and insurance, litigation including in the field of office bearers, property claims, personal injury and professional liability.

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Executives working in GABRIEL REUBINOFF - LAW OFFICE

Yuval Reubinof, Adv.

Yuval Reubinof, Adv.

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Haim Meir, Adv.

Haim Meir, Adv.

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Amitay Yechieli, Adv.

Amitay Yechieli, Adv.

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