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הר-אבן דיינה, עו"ד

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Dayana Har-Even is one of Israel’s senior family, inheritance and personal status lawyers.  Forty years in the legal profession and a vast legal practice provided her with diverse and extensive knowledge and a mastery of all aspects of family, inheritance and family status laws.

Her professional experience, which includes the representation of hundreds of clients in diverse cases, provides her with a strategic perspective and extraordinary tactical legal skills, and enables her to lead brilliant moves for the benefit of the client, in accordance with every case and its circumstances. Owing to a broad proficiency in the law and the rulings of various judges, creativity and mental flexibility, her reputation precedes her in the various tribunals and courts .

Dayana Har-Even, née Levin, received her original name (Hebrew female version of Dayan, Talmudic for judge) since she was born when her father, the Late Judge Israel Levin, was temporarily appointed as a Supreme Court judge. Therefore, the legal profession was imprinted in her from birth. She is a descendant of the Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Zalman Zoref, one of the many great-granddaughters of Yoel Moshe Solomon, and a member of an extended family that grew famous jurists. She lectures to jurists in various frameworks and publishes articles in various legal periodicals. She publishes newspapers columns and articles and is often interviewed by various media outlets.

From the very beginning of her professional career, Dayana was elected for senior public offices. Inter alia, she served as the legal counselor of the Central Bureau of Statistics. She started her career as deputy legal counselor in the Israeli Lands Authority. In 1989, she established the firm, which specializes in family, inheritance and personal status law. She graduated from the Hebrew University’s Law faculty in 1976, studied in the University’s Philosophy Department in 1978, and studied in The Bar-Ilan University’s Interpretation and Culture Department in 2011. She interned in the firm of the renowned and esteemed attorney, The Late Yigal Arnon, and is a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1977.

Practice areas          

Nowadays, Dayana focuses on unique legal issues and cases at stages of appeals to the district and Supreme courts, strategic counsel before and during family proceedings, preparation of various agreements including pre-nuptial and divorce agreements and other family arrangement, and in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Dayana Har-Even has extraordinary expertise in all aspects of affairs and cases concerning sperm or ovum usage, post-mortem sperm harvesting, sperm theft and forced parenting, with all of their implications. Other novel fields where she is an expert include surrogacy and issues concerning same-sex couples and single parents.

During her years of work in the family law field she handled the full spectrum of the family, inheritance and personal status cases. Inter alia, representations in divorce proceedings, preparation of pre-nuptial and divorce agreement between spouses and opposing such agreements when necessary, alimony and child support claims and opposing them when necessary, arrangement of parental responsibilities, child custody and visiting arrangements, immigration and child abduction, fatherhood, balancing of resources and division of properties in the family unit. She also handles the preparation of wills and estate management, wills objections and inheritance disputes management, property management and receiverships.

Rules, precedents and the Nachmani Affair

The firm that Adv. Har-Even leads handles principle and essential issues, many of which reached a discussion and were decided by The Supreme Court. Her expertise assisted in the creation of new rules and precedents, which may affect the everyday lives of the entire public and the lawyers and notaries in their regular work. In the 1990s, Dayana Har-Even represented in the Nachmani vs. Nachmani affair – an affair which shook the thresholds of the legal sphere and fought for a father’s right to choose not to continue in the IVF process and bring to this world a child, whom he would not be able to raise due to the breakage of the marriage. Her opinion was accepted, in a majority in a panel of five judges, and retroactively rejected, in a majority in an extended panel of 11 judges that was conducted, under extremely irregular circumstances, in light of the public outcry following the original decision. Today, Dayana represents in the Supreme Court in a fascinating issue and opposes the demand of grandparents to use the sperm of their deceased son in order to conceive a grandchild from his sperm. Among others, Har-Even represented an unusual case where she managed to appeal and cancel a pre-nuptial agreement that wasn’t appropriately approved by a notary and many other fascinating issues.

Foundation of the Israeli mediation proceedings

Har-Even is one of the pioneers of mediations in Israel, and as soon as 1992 she initiated the establishment of the arbitration institute in pre-divorce proceedings, in cooperation with mental health professionals, psychologists and social workers. As such, Dayana has extensive experience in the management of mediation and negotiation procedures. In all of the hundreds of mediations proceedings she managed, and in her professional work as an advocate, she does everything in her power to guarantee that children wouldn’t be hurt from the family crisis.

Clients’ profile

Adv. Dayana Har-Even’s clientele includes senior physicians, businesspersons, media personas and journalists, public officials and academia persons, non-profits and social associations. Dayana sees a particular importance in the fair and professional representation of each and every person, and sees the story of every man and woman as “The case of lifetime".

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