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Established 2013

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קבוצת גליל השמה וכח אדם בע"מ

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Galil Group

Galil Group Ltd. was established in 2012. Over the years, our subsidiary companies operated individually in their respective fields. With time, they grew, developed gradually, accumulated clients, experience, and momentum, establishing themselves among the leading companies in their industries. Through various means of communication and media, our companies have crossed paths multiple times, both through business clients and various communication channels. After a lengthy process of dialogue and successful collaborations, we came to the understanding that our strength lies in unity, and together we can form a stronger, more professional, and better team. As a unified group, we engage in continuous learning from each other, with each member teaching and strengthening the others based on their experience and professional knowledge.

Galil Group constantly strives to improve and strengthen further. We believe that with time, more successful businesses will join us and continue our vision of providing excellent service to customers and the need for constant progress.


Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning services for the private and public sectors. Our employees are dedicated to uncompromising quality, especially in this period when we focus on thorough sanitation to prevent the presence of bacteria and pollutants. Galil Psagot is dedicated to delivering the best service in the field. Among our satisfied customers are various Municipalities such as Tamra, Safed and Beit Shean, Luna Gal, Azrieli Mall Tel Aviv, Keter Plastics, Osem, and many others.



Galil Group is also involved in the security and guarding of public institutions and businesses. Our trained security guards are highly qualified both in terms of physical fitness and professional skill. Our Security services operate in many fields for a wide variety of clients. Galil Group offers its services nationwide, providing a variety of extensive security services, including security for sites, facilities, and events, personal security and delegations, security officers services, resident security, safe city and mounted patrol suitable for public institutions, municipalities, educational institutions, factories, construction sites, events, Businesses, hotels, shops, private homes, and more.


Human Resources

Galil Group company, established in 2012, Includes Top Gold, which is the youngest company in the group. Top Gold company specializes in human resources placement for various institutions and organizations nationwide. Top Gold serves as an example and model for human resources companies, constantly improving and adapting placement methods to ever-changing circumstances. Putting the job seeker's well-being first, we provide personal attention, and with diverse department heads matching every requirement, we help bridge employment gaps and contribute to the success of job seekers, maintaining warm and personal relationships even after job placement.



Galil Group recruits the best call center agents with excellent communication skills, sales knowledge, self-confidence, and the ability to handle rejection. After comprehensive training on the product and brand, their skills are honed to tackle the toughest deals. They can handle the most challenging competitive questions and high-volume sales periods.

Galil owns a subsidiary called Gotel Communications Ltd., primarily marketing and representing the Hot Mobile brand.


Fields of Activity

  • Human Resources
  • Manpower - Manpower Resources - Outsourcing
  • Building And Office Cleaning


  • Labor resource services
  • Cleaning service

Executives working in Galil Group

Photo of Company Manager

Amana Abu Sweid

Photo of Company Manager

Mahel Mresat

CEO ,Director
Photo of Company Manager

Stanislav Bazilevsky

VP operations
Photo of Company Manager

Abdalla Abu Sweid

CEO ,Chairman ,Director ,Finance Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Asma Abu Alhiga

Photo of Company Manager

Muhammad Abu Sweid

HR Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Shimon Nizrad

Photo of Company Manager

Arin Zabidat

Customer Relationship Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Ranin Salah

Photo of Company Manager

Abu Sweid Muhammad

HR Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Shlomi Cohen

Legal advisor
Photo of Company Manager

Roni Zabitovski

VP Marketing

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