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קלינטיקה בע"מ

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15 Halutzei Hataasia, HAIFA 2629415
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Sun - Thu 08:00-17:00
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Cleanetica Ltd. is a private company established in 1989. The company is part of the Tzabar Medical Group which provides home care systems. Today the group is leading the fields of home medical services, respiration, and sleep medicine in the country.

Our experience shows that the right and adequate service can prevent hospitalizations, ease the burden on patients and their families, and improve their quality of life.

The company markets and sells medical devices and consumables intended for hospitals, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), and nursing institutions in the fields of respiration, monitoring, nutrition, pressure sores, nursing, and medical devices for sale in pharmacies, skin clinics, fertility clinics, dental clinics, and beauty salons, as well as gas and cryogenic equipment for industry and research institutes. Among our various products are gas systems, pressure regulators, pressure gauges, flow meters, gas accessories, cryogenic tanks, thermoses, liquid nitrogen freezers, gas detectors, and terminal equipment for hospital supply lines.

Cleanetica is supplying all HMO and most of the hospitals in Israel, the defence industries, and high-tech companies.

The company’s Home Care department specializes in home hospitalization - supplying medical devices and consumable equipment including service and medical support in the patient's home (doctors, nurses, and technicians): home equipment includes home ventilators, VPAP breathing support devices, stationary and mobile oxygen generators, oxygen cylinders and liquid oxygen systems, pumps supply of inhalation and inhalation devices as well as all consumable equipment required for effective treatment and mobility in the patient's home.

The sleep medicine department provides CPAP devices and masks for the treatment of apnea while maintaining high-quality service all the way to the client’s home.

Cleanetica is the official importer of the ResMed company in the field of sleep.

Cleanetica excels in innovation, product quality, knowledge, and professionalism in service and is committed to providing comprehensive and quality solutions to its customers.

Fields of Activity

  • hospitals
  • Medical equipment
  • plumbing
  • Equipment for hospitals
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • medicine
  • Retail
  • Medical And Hospital Equipment
  • Faucets And Spigots
  • Sanitary accessories
  • plumbing
  • Technical Supply
  • General Miscellaneous Products
  • Containers


  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Setting up a process piping systems
  • Oxygen therapy equipment
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Instruments, surgical and medical
  • Setting up a gas piping systems
  • Medical apparatus and supplies
  • Respiratory medical equipment (cpap)
  • Taps
  • Tanks, pressurized
  • Containers

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Photo of Company Manager

Flora Alon

Finance Manager

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    Cleanetica projects ltd


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