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לוטי ושות' משרד עורכי-דין

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Luthi and Co. Law Office was established in 1986 by attorney Richard Luthi and is part of the Luthi Webb Group. The firm handles a broad range of intellectual property litigation cases, including trademarks, patents, designs, plagiarism, trade secrets, copyrights, and more. In addition, the firm offers unique asset protection services such as innovative drugs, breakthroughs in technology, designs, inventions, works, and international brands. Having a professional and skilled team makes this firm today one of the top firms in the country in this field.


The firm, which specializes in all aspects of intellectual property, is now recognized for its leading and professional patent litigation services. Since its establishment, the firm has been involved in some of the most complex and significant intellectual property cases in Israel. Besides drafting license agreements and joint ventures, the firm also offers legal opinions on issues of validity, infringement, and registration of trademarks, designs and cultivators' rights, conducting regulatory procedures in the pharmaceutical field, as well as conducting due diligence and valuing intellectual property rights. Luthi and Co. Law Office also has great success abroad, representing many multinational companies operating in Israel and specializing in the fields of high-tech and pharma.


Luthi and Co. Law Office  began collaborating with Patents and Co in 2018, headed by Cynthia Webb, an experienced patent editor. Thus, all of the group's customers will gain access to the most professional services related to intellectual property, as well as a comprehensive solution under one roof.


Office staff

Adv. Dr. Richard Luthi, Managing Partner, Founder of the firm - holds a law degree, cum laude, from the University of Southampton in England. Over the past 30 years, Adv. Luthii has handled a very large number of cases related to intellectual property both in Israel and around the world. He served as a lecturer at the Hebrew University and received numerous accolades over the years.

Adv. Daniel Lerner, Partner - holds academic degrees in both law and physics and has been a partner in the firm for more than 17 years. Adv. Lerner specializes in all areas of intellectual property, with special emphasis on drug litigation, security inventions, and high-tech.

Adv. Martin Binnes, Partner - along with his law degrees, Adv. Binnes also holds a degree in Pharmacy and a Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy. With over twenty years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Binns brings to the table a great deal of insight and expertise in this area.

Adv. Rotem Cohen, Senior Advocate - in addition to her law degree, Adv. Cohen also holds a master's degree in business administration and takes a prominent part in managing complex patent cases. As part of her work, Adv. Cohen advises clients, especially in the high-tech field, specializing in service inventions and conflicts that arise between employers and employees in everything related to the issue of intellectual property rights.

Adv. Eliran Hadad, Senior Advocate - holds a law degree and a license to practice law in both Israel and the United States. Adv. Hadad is involved in some of the firm's more complex cases dealing with patents and as part of his role focuses mainly on brand protection, trademark registration, and law enforcement.

Adv. Avihayd Gilboa - holds a bachelor's and master's degree in law and has been involved in a variety of intellectual property cases in the firm. Adv. Gilboa advises clients on a variety of topics, particularly trademarks, plagiarism, designs, and copyrights.

Adv. Motar Peled - holds a bachelor's degree in law, a bachelor's degree in pharmacy, and a master's degree in intellectual property and pharmaceutical sciences. Adv. Peled is involved in some of the firm's more complex cases in the field of intellectual property, with an emphasis on the field of pharma and life sciences.

Adv. Lynn Safdi - holds a bachelor's degree in law and a degree in science and biomedicine. Involved in very complex intellectual property cases, with an emphasis on patent cases in the life sciences field. Adv. Safdi advises many clients of the firm in the field of intellectual property, including issues related to brand protection and trademark registration.


Along with these lawyers, the firm also employs interns and an administrative team, who all together play an important role in the firm's operations.

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Executives working in LUTHI & CO., LAW OFFICES

Richard Luthi, Adv.

Richard Luthi, Adv.

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Daniel Lerner, Adv.

Daniel Lerner, Adv.

Martin Binnes, Adv.

Martin Binnes, Adv.

Rotem Cohen

Rotem Cohen

Eliran Hadad

Eliran Hadad


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