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Tavger Medical Equipment

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טבגר בע"מ

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1 Derech HaYain, KATZRIN 1290531
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TAVGER Ltd priorities are situated in research and development for healing of chronic wounds and neuropathy as the most important problems of modern medicine as both as socially and economically. With an increase in the average longevity, more and more people with diabetes and other vascular diseases are at risk of developing chronic wounds. For many, this leads to chronic wounds development not healing  for years , and farther  to amputation or even death. Unfortunately, in the modern history of fighting with trophic ulcers, however no significant  progress has been made in solving the problem by neither pharmaceuticals, nor devices and technologies, nor advances in biotechnology. According to Tavger LTD, the reason for the insignificant progress is that instead of interaction  and cooperation with the healthy part of the body, the doctors chose to struggle with a chronic wound, trying to impose to it the rules of the battle, which, been wreaked, almost destroyed and dead tissue, is absolutely unable to understand and fulfill . Tavger LTD developed a technology that allows, instead of violence over wounds, to mobilize an autonomous immune system of healthy tissues surrounding the wound from all directions to generate squads of fighters and deliver them to the border for the destruction of necrotic tissue, restoring the blood circulation  system and rebirth  communication with the nervous system .

Tavger Ltd found that the technology of skin appendages activation is also effective in medical aesthetics. Many of the nerve and muscle functions responsible for what we call the beauty of the body and the person's face lose their evolutionary mission and get the weaker control by nervous system. Tavger  Ltd. has found a way to reinstall the connect to the nerve terminals of the skin. As result its allows restoration of lost communication , activate muscles and restore the beauty and youth without the use of the traditional technique of controlled wounding that is prevailing today and endangering the health by complications for millions patients.

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  • hospitals
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  • Cosmetic medical devices
  • Health - Various Services
  • medicine
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  • Laboratories and research institutions
  • Research and development
  • Medical laboratories
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  • Alternative Treatments
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  • Medical and hospital equipment
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  • Treatment of diabetic wounds
  • export of medical equipment
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  • Medical equipment and supplies

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Michael Tavger

Michael Tavger


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