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Established 2008

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ד"ר איריס טרומן, משרד עו"ד ונוטריון

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34 Bernstein Cohen, RAMAT HASHARON 4721320
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Iris Truman Family Law Office is a boutique firm specializing in family and inheritance law. The leading and established office was founded by Dr. Iris Truman, an attorney at law, who also serves as a mediator, a notary, and a lecturer, with expertise in family law, wills, inheritance law, and lasting powers of attorney.

Attorney Iris Truman was chosen to be one of the pioneering women in the legal field, and her office operates according to values of humanity, integrity, and professionalism. The office of Dr. Iris Truman is one of the unique law firms in Israel today, combining a broad financial understanding with the legal world. Attorney Truman is authorized by the general guardian to conduct and sign ongoing power of attorney, doing so with genuine commitment and love for people.

In addition to the professional services the office offers to its clients, it handels child support, financial agreements, custody, spousal support, divorce agreements, mediation and conflict resolution, wills and trust inheritances and estates, and representation in court, tribunals and other courts. The office regards family values as the leading principle guiding all its activities and operates in a manner that minimizes, as much as possible, harm to family relationships and the souls of the involved children.

Iris Truman Law Office is renowned for its professional excellence, deep understanding of its clients' needs, and the creation of comprehensive and swift solutions while maintaining uncompromising quality in every case entrusted to the office. The office accompanies all its clients discreetly, preserving the legal relationships between the parties fairly and respectfully.

Among the clients of Dr. Iris Truman's office are leading figures in the Israeli economy from a wide range of sectors and segments, including executives, entrepreneurs, and senior figures in both the private and public sectors.

Areas of Expertise:


Iris Truman Law Office has extensive experience in managing divorce proceedings, combining sophisticated and skilled negotiation management with the opposing attorney to promote the interests of its clients. The divorce procedure requires in-depth thinking and building a winning strategy that will maximize the results of the procedure for the client. The office also represents clients in matters of property distribution, alimony, custody arrangements, and property division.

Marriage Agreements

Iris Truman Law Office for Family Matters has rich experience in managing smart and skilled negotiations to advance the interests of its clients in agreements between the parties, including divorce/household peace agreements, financial agreements before and after marriage, drafting common law spouses financial agreements, cohabitation agreements, and more.

Wills and Inheritances

Iris Truman Law Office for Family Matters prepares wills and complex mutual wills with large assets, inheritance orders, and will maintenance orders, handling objections to wills and defending them. The office has extensive experience in legal representation in courts in complex inheritance disputes, as well as in mediation and negotiation procedures leading to the resolution of disputes outside the walls of the court.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Dr. Adv. Iris Truman, the founder of the firm, is a senior attorney authorized by the Guardian General to draw up and sign a lasting power of attorney. Attorney Truman accompanies her clients with sensitivity and a deep understanding of their personal needs to ensure the security of their future.

Notary Services

Dr. Adv. Iris has vast experience with negotiation and helps hundreds of clients resolve complex disputes through family mediation, saving time and money in long and tedious legal proceedings that are conducted in various courts. Iris Truman Law Office achieves impressively high success rates in concluding divorce agreements at the end of marriage chapters.

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  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Family law attorney
  • Legal Services
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Lawyer Arbitration & Mediation
  • Lawyer Wills
  • Notaries
  • Lawyers Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Employment law Attornies
  • Lawyers Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Lawyer Commercial
  • Attornies companies
  • Lawyer Capital Market


  • family law
  • custody
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  • Legal services
  • Attorney- Continuous power of attorney laws
  • Custodian Law
  • Divorce agreements
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  • Family and Succession Law
  • Mediation and conciliation
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Lawyers - Arbitration & Mediation
  • Lawyers - arbitration, mediation and conflict resolution
  • Lawyers - Defamation
  • Will, estate and trust law
  • Legacies Estates and Wills
  • Handling objections to wills
  • Notary
  • Authentication of notarial documents
  • Child support
  • women alimony
  • Lawyers - Prenuptial Agreements
  • Domestic peace agreements
  • Divorce Claims
  • Arbitration and conciliation service
  • Legal services - litgation
  • Patent, trademark and copyright law
  • Law office
  • Labor and employment law
  • Legal services - mergers and acquisitions
  • Antitrust and trade regulation law
  • Corporate, partnership and business law
  • Securities law
  • Evidence arrangements
  • common-law marriage lawyers
  • Rabbinical court
  • Divorce lawyer
  • Division of property

Executives working in Dr. Iris Truman Law Firm and Notary

Dr. Iris Truman

Dr. Iris Truman

Adv. & Notary, Founder and Owner
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