Dr. Iris Truman

Adv. & Notary, Founder and Owner
Dr. Iris Truman Law Firm and Notary

Dr. Iris Truman - Founder and Owner

Professional Practice

Dr. Iris Truman is the founder and owner of Iris Truman Law Office. Dr. Truman has a unique specialization in family law, divorce, wills and inheritances, lasting power of attorney, financial agreements, common-law couples, and more.

She is a certified mediator in family and divorce matters.

Certified by the general custodian to edit and sign a lasting power of attorney.

Lecturer on commercial and international law in the academy, and exclusive forums and conferences.

The author of the book ICSCD, a proposal to the UN for establishing an international economic court.

Chairman of the forum for the establishment of an international economic court in The Hague.

Chairman of the Committee to Establish an International Economic Court at the Israel Bar Association.

Chairman of the branch of The Association for Premature Babies in Israel, Ramat Hasharon

Legal consultant, Genomitech, and entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology.

Business mentor for young entrepreneurs at Keren Shemesh for encouraging young entrepreneurs.

A social entrepreneur, organizing volunteer delegations for community work in Israel and around the world.

In the past, Dr. Truman was a candidate for mayor of Ramat Hasharon and a director at Agroresearch.


Ph.D. in international law, specialization in corporate and antitrust law // University of Leicester, England.

MBA research track in the field of start-up companies // University of Leicester, England

LL. B, specialization in company and corporate law // Ono Academic College

Analyst studies, valuation of companies // The Institute for Training, Bar Ilan University

Comprehensive training courses in the field of family law // Institute for Training of Adv

Business and family mediation - dispute resolution and conflict resolution // Ono Academic Library

Certificate Studies in the Field of Special Contracts and Remedies for Breach of Contract // Institute for Continuing Education of the Bar Association

Certificate studies in the field of civil law administration // Institute for Advanced Study of the Bar Association


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