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מאיה רוטנברג, משרד עורכי דין

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Maya Rotenberg, law firm

The Maya Rotenberg Law Office was founded approximately 20 years ago and specializes in all areas of family law, and especially divorce cases. As a law firm which handles a wide array of personal and family matters, such as prenuptial agreements and divorce mediation, the firm has special expertise in the field of child support and joint custody, and has set important legal precedents on these subjects. The firm is located in Tel Aviv but serves clients from all over the country. It offers comprehensive, professional and reliable consulting and legal representation services. The firm adapts its services to each client according to their unique requirements. Clients enjoy personal and dedicated care, as well as a sense of security that is essential during judicial proceedings.


Areas of expertise

Divorce proceedings – The firm’s basket of services includes managing divorce cases, including representing clients during the mediation processes, negotiating divorce settlements, following up in family court and in rabbinical court, and handling demands for restoring domestic peace and requests for temporary support, etc. The firm offers the option of drawing up a divorce settlement while the two sides negotiate and while protecting the client’s rights. The firm assists with the division of property, submitting claims for dismantling partnerships, requests for temporary support and more. In addition, the firm deals with matters of child custody and visitation agreements, child support and spousal alimony, as well as with cases of civil marriage and civil divorce.

Groundbreaking, precedent-setting ruling

Adv. Maya Rotenberg recently won a precedent-setting case (Case 919/15 v. Anonymous), which generated a veritable revolution in the field of alimony and joint custody. In this case, an expanded bench of seven judges on the Supreme Court unanimously ruled in July 2017 that the father, whose income was similar to that of the mother’s, will not have to pay child support when there is joint custody of the children. This is, without a doubt, one of the most significant rulings in recent years, since it represents a new, wider interpretation of the impact of Jewish law on family law, as well as of the principle of gender equality. The Supreme Court judges selected this case as one of the most important rulings of the judicial year 2016-2017, especially considering the fact that fathers used to be required to pay child support even when the parents had joint custody.

Adv. Maya Rotenberg and the firm’s legal team represented the father throughout the divorce proceedings. The first ruling in the Rishon LeZion Family Court was decisive and paved the way for the important victory in the Supreme Court. The firm’s team, headed by Adv. Rotenberg, has accrued extensive professional knowledge in this field and successfully convinced the court that the problematic practice that previously existed must be changed and that other solutions should be examined.  

Prenuptial agreements – The firm draws up spousal financial agreements for its clients both before and after their marriage, as well as between common law partners. The agreements are personally adapted to each couple, taking into account their personal circumstances and needs, in order to assure them legal certainty and peace of mind. These agreements help couples secure the financial aspect of their relationship in a legal and orderly manner. Furthermore, financial agreements also cover other issues, such as alimony, child custody and even the children’s education. The agreement determines the nature of the division of property if the couple decides to separate.

The firm offers its clients prenuptial financial agreements (for relationships that are recognized by the law), financial agreements that are signed after the wedding for the purpose of arranging financial matters in an optimal manner in case of divorce, and also agreements that are signed as part of the separation or divorce process.  These agreements help preserve the full rights of both sides, thereby enabling a more open-minded dialogue (if they decide to separate).

In addition, the firm offers financial agreements for couples that are common law partners – a status which is very popular today, in the era of the modern family. It is especially relevant for the numerous couples who either don’t want or can’t get married in a rabbinical court, same-sex couples, and people who were previously married and aren’t interested in getting married again and who bring to the relationship significant assets and/or alimony payments.  

Divorce mediation – The firm also handles mediation processes for divorce cases and for other family law matters, as well as representing clients in mediation processes as part of inheritance disputes, divorce proceedings, etc. 

Estate and inheritance – The firm draws up all types of wills (in Hebrew and English), handles inheritance orders, including preparing requests to receive such orders, inheritance execution orders, objections to inheritance orders and estate management.

Legal guardianship – The firm is responsible for submitting requests for appointing legal guardians to the court for a minor or incapacitated adult, and offers legal counsel throughout the process as well as legal counsel as part of its role as guardian.  

Domestic violence and harassment – The firm handles cases of violence within the family, protection orders and orders to prevent threatening harassment.

Real estate law – In the field of real estate law, the firm handles taxation matters, including comprehensive legal counsel connected to real estate taxes, tax planning, legal proceedings, writing opinions and more.


Adv. Maya Rotenberg

The firm, which specializes in divorce and family law and is located in Tel Aviv, is headed by Adv. Maya Rotenberg, a lawyer and mediator who has specialized in family law for over 15 years. During these years, Adv. Rotenberg has worked for and headed leading law firms in the field of family law and personal status.

As a professional and highly experienced mediator, Adv. Rotenberg has specialized in resolving disputes pertaining to family law. She has successfully led numerous mediation proceedings in cases of divorce, during which she preserved the rights of those involved, thereby reaching agreements that are acceptable to both sides.

In addition to her professional work at the law firm, Adv. Rotenberg also carries out extensive volunteer work. She provides pro bono legal counsel and representation at the Glickman Center, which treats and prevents domestic violence and is run by the Israeli women’s organization Na’amat.

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