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For over 30 years, Jonathan Davies & Co has been offering first-rate legal services with expertise in medical malpractice, torts and law insurance, to victims of varying medical disservices.

The company's definitive understanding and background in international and Israeli legislation in medicine, coupled with Adv. Jonathan Davies' hands-on approach is prominent in every one of the firms' case.

Due to various accomplishments in the medical malpractice field, including setting precedents in favor of victims regarding the treatment of insurance groups and medical facilities, the firm has made a name for itself. Two projects directed at helping victims realize their legal rights, are part of the firm's operations in the academic and business range.

Since 1988, when founded by Adv. Jonathan Davies, the law firm has handled cases in insurance, liability, torts, medical ruling, medical malpractice and general civil law litigation, representing its clients against medical institutions (hospitals, health management organizations), government authorities (IDF, Insurance companies) and private entities (clinics, private insurers, doctors, and establishments).

The legal consultation provided by the firm has helped changed paradigms in rulings related to medical ethics, Bio-Ethics as well as Biotech. Legal counsel is provided to other law practices and the National Insurance Institution uses the firms' services for subrogation claims facing insurance companies.

Conducting some of the most intricate malpractice claims in medicine, the firm employs the expertise of Israel's finest in the field of medicine. Fulfilling the clients' social rights and achieving the best legal results, are the principal goals. With new offices in the Ha"Arabaa" towers, the legal firm has two locations, one in Jerusalem and a new one in Tel Aviv.

Pioneering Legislation

Several precedents the firm has helped set over the last thirty years both in the Supreme and the National Labor Court, are exemplars of innovative medical legislation. Among them are Supreme Court President Shamgar's ruling that insurance companies must provide their clients with full disclosure of terms, protection of patients' rights to funded surgeries overseas when competent medical treatment is unavailable, overturning the deduction of benefits from tort compensations, and a groundbreaking ruling that redefines an Ultra-Orthodox woman's right to terminate a pregnancy, despite her religious doctrine. Other innovative changes have been through an important recent ruling of necessary follow-up of the Sleeve Gastronomy surgery, and in a ruling concerning the destroying of medical records by a chief physician.

Our practice's intent is to reform the doctor-patient relationship in regards to the case of a physician's death after a false collegial review. We aim to uncover and reveal to patients the happenings out of public view at hospitals. The firm defends patients' rights in varying malpractice cases, surgical complications, prescription and medication mistakes, misdiagnosis, obstetrics complications, radiation exposure torts, and much more.

Unique Projects in Legislation

The extensive knowledge acquired over the years has birthed two innovative projects aimed at assisting medical malpractice victims. These projects involve informing the victims of their rights, assisting them in the strenuous legal procedures, and finding ways to alleviate the struggles of the financial burden associated with these legislative measures. Creating financial options for our clients is an objective of ours.

Medcourt, for an example of our initiatives, is an internet platform connecting lawyers and courts with appropriate medical experts. Another project assists clients with needed funding through investments.

Adv. Jonathan Davies

Jonathan Davies is a leading attorney in the legislature medical field with 34 years of experience in litigation, liability, occupational illness, medical malpractice, torts, insurance, physical harm, OSH, obtaining medical rights, medicine and law, class action, and biotech. He has received an LLB from the Tel-Aviv University in 1993 and an LLM in commercial law (magna sum laude) from the Tel Aviv University with UC Berkeley in 2012. His various activities includes a position as Chairman of the President's Council of the WAML,  and president and executive of the Medicine and Law Association's member board. He is a member of the Health, Law and Ethics Center's management board, member of the British Royal Medical Society, member of the US ACLM, and part of a top Israeli HMO's committee of approval of human experiments, as well as a bar-certified mediator. As well as working as a chief editor of "Medicine and Law" journal for 15 years, Johnathan has published several articles and books in English and Hebrew, among them are:

-Law and Ruling in Medical Law (1999)

- "The Right to Life with No Malformation", a collection of essays on science, ethics and law (2007)

-  The “Legal Aspects of Alternative Medicine“chapter in J. Shoval and E. Averbuch’s book,

 "Alternative and Complementary Medicine" (2014)

- “Legal and Forensic Medicine in Israel” chapter in the International Medicine and

Law Encyclopedia, Springer, Germany (2013).

Davies is active in the academic field and gives lectures on legislative medical expertise at the Attorney's Training Institute and the Medical Professionals' Union.

Adv. Ronit Lenman

Specializing in management in physical damage and insurance claims, Adv. Ronit Lenman has been practicing law for 19 years. With an LLB from the Tel Aviv University, her fields of expertise are medical malpractice, genetics, obstetrics, wrongful birth, ultra-sound, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, orthopedics, oncology, plastic surgery, pediatric malpractice, infections, rheumatology and more. She has represented insurance companies, is experienced in the fields of risk evaluation, claims management, both in and out of court negotiations, and has appeared before all courts. Lenman is with the firm since 2007, and has developed and managed the firm's Tel Aviv branch. She is the current Tel Aviv manager and is a senior partner of the firm. A WAML member, she has intensive understanding of the legislative issues of torts and insurance as well as insurance claims, traffic accidents, and subrogation claims. She is experienced in lawsuits based on severe physical damage, multisystem physical trauma, and dependents and estate claims. Her work is done with extreme dedication to providing the clients with the quintessential solutions to their needs.


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