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Established 1974

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בלטר גוט אלוני ושות', משרד עורכי דין

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96 Alon Yigal, TEL AVIV-JAFFA 6789140
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שם וכתובת טלפון שעות פעילות
Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.
Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co., TIBERIAS
2 Hakishon, Tiberias 1420131
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    Balter Guth Aloni & Co., Law Offices
    Balter Guth Aloni & Co., Law Offices, HAIFA
    2 Palim Blvd., HAIFA 3309502
    Phone Number
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      One of the largest, most prominent law firms in the country, according to the D&B ranking, Balter, Guth, Aloni and Co. (referred to as BGA) has been in business since 1974. Established by advocates Moshe Balter and Ehud Guth, it is considered one of the top legal services working today.

      With 23 partners and 90 attorneys, this firm has five offices throughout the country, in Haifa, Yagur, Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Tel Aviv. Over the years, some of the most illustrious law practitioners in the country have worked at BGA. Former Knesset member, former Minister of Agriculture and the former Labor Industry and Commerce ministry deputy, advocate Orit Noked; district and Supreme Court Judge, the late Shaul Aloni and international law expert, one of the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement negotiators and Camp David negotiation team, the late Dr. Meir Rosen, to name a few.

      The Firm's Stance: BGA's advantage in terms of magnitude and varied knowledge thanks to a select group of experts, allows for fast, concise answers to clients immediate issues, such as HCJ petitions or restraining orders, and other such matters that demand swift solutions. Our diverse teams skillfully and efficiently work together, and use the shared knowledge and experience to the client's benefit. The objective is to provide clients with, close and personal management of the case that integrates the client in every part of the legal process. The philosophy is that the greater understanding of each element, the better chance for a successful outcome for the case.

      The Clientele: Our Firm represents Israeli and international clients. They range from all walks of life from government establishments to Kibbuzim, from farmers to municipalities to ecclesiast establishments and more. Among BGA's clients are Fortune 500 companies, including international infrastructure conglomerates, large pharmaceutical companies, bio-tech groups and high-tech corporations. Representing its clients in both commercial and civil legislation, the firm has unequivocal expertise in class actions, corporate law, in both local and international commercial litigation. Proficient in all matters of the capital markets, administrative law, real estate law, planning and zoning legislation, and with unique comprehension of medical law including malpractice cases, torts cases and insurance cases, and also pharma cases, labor laws, antitrust cases, taxation legislation, aviation cases, communication and  much more.

      Collaborating with international law firms, our firm takes part in global endeavors in North America, the Far East and in Europe, dealing professionally with some of the top international legislation practitioners. One example is the Wall street-based law firm of Hertzfeld and Rubin P.C. with whom BGA collaborates often. The esteemed global attorney association, Consulegis, has over one hundred and fifty international members, including the BGA firm.

      BGA's Specialty Departments

      Department of Commercial Litigation and Corporate Law: with an in depth understanding of commercial and civil law in all spheres from corporate law and governance disputes to derivative actions to shareholder conflicts. All cases are conducted competently and smoothly including handling all matters associated with this specific litigation such as contracts, real estate law, planning and zoning contracts, tourism, insurance and torts, claims, labor legislation, hotels, and aviation, pharma, and more.

      Department of Real Estate – Providing assistance and guidance from the initial planning to the very end, with many years of in depth experience in representation and legal counsel on all manner of clientele from large corporations to the unique needs of the Kibbutz, to private initiators and contractors in complicated real estate projects, whether residential or commercial. This department focuses on everything to do with real estate such as contracting and construction endeavors, shares acquisitions by real-estate companies, combination ventures, the national Israeli plan number 38 and legal clearance for construction, finance management, guarantees, etc.

      Department of Class Action – With an extensive list of esteemed clientele, including top local and international companies in varied fields including airlines, insurance groups, pharmaceutical corporations, transportation groups and more, this unique department has years of in depth  experience with insurance, banking, securities, product liabilities, and all things related to consumer law.

      Department of Planning and Zoning - Providing legal counsel in some of the country's biggest endeavors, handling and planning of master plans and representing commissions and big infrastructure groups, including the National Israeli Company for Roads, the Israeli Railways, The Jerusalem Light Rail train system in Jerusalem and the planned Tel-Aviv light rail system, Natgaz and more.

      The Department of Commercial and Corporate Law - representing companies in both the public and private companies in numerous of matters, such as acquisitions, mergers, and privatizations and more. This department skillfully conducts the negotiations and all aspects of the transactions. For instance, the department handles one of the biggest global pharmaceuticals companies.

      The Department of Medical Malpractice, Insurance and Tort - Representing some of the country's largest insurance groups, this department has unique experience with all matters of professional liability in any matter related to these complicated issues.

      The Department of Labor Law - This department specializes in all legislation pertaining to work associated cases, representing both local and international corporations, solving employer and worker issues with unique expertise in matters such as employee rights, collective labor, workers unions. Trade secrets, negotiations, mergers, liquidations, acquisitions, and much more. This department is skilled in legislation issues associated with the Israeli Kibbutz.

      The Department of Hotels, Tourism and Aviation - representing global as well as Israeli companies such as hotels and airlines this department offers its clients continued legal support and counsel as well as litigation, from rules and regulation drafting, through lottery games supervision to preparing legal opinions, up to selling of hotels, shares, planes, and anything to do with this field.

      The Department of Agriculture - representing agricultural companies and farmers, among them the Israeli Kibbutzim, Moshavs, regional businesses, councils and committees, with extensive knowledge cases dealing with agricultural damage.

      Department of Taxation - Representing clients tax related litigation and offering counsel to Israeli and international groups, this department conducts any and all taxation related issues in the varied tax fields, among them real estate taxation, VAT, income tax, and more. Besides guiding corporation in various investments, both in this country and abroad, the department helps construct M&A transactions and remuneration plans for employees.

      Department of Ecclesial Litigation - This department, alongside and in cooperation with other departments, handles all manners to do with religious institutions. Providing legal assistance on all matters, including real estate, taxation, labor in the most sensitive and competent manner, this field is treated with the utmost care in BGA.

      Fields of Activity

      • Law Firms
      • Lawyers & Advocates
      • Medical Malpractice Lawyers
      • Attornies companies
      • State institutions
      • Legal advice and action
      • Insurance Lawyers
      • Employment law Attornies
      • Lawyer Commercial
      • Lawyers Litigation
      • Lawyer Administrative Law
      • Lawyers Mergers & Acquisitions
      • International Law
      • Real Estate Attornies
      • Environmental Lawyers
      • Attornies Tax Law
      • Tort Law
      • Mediation and conflict resolution
      • Lawyer Arbitration & Mediation


      • Law office
      • Malpractice and negligence law
      • Corporate, partnership and business law
      • Legal counsel
      • Lawyers - Cooperatives law
      • Tender Laws
      • Lawyers - Insurance Law
      • Labor and employment law
      • Lawyers - Arbitration & Mediation
      • Commercial law
      • corporate law
      • Legal services - litgation
      • Torts
      • Administrative Law
      • Lawyers - Hi-Tech Law
      • Litigation
      • Lawyers - Defamation
      • Legal services - mergers and acquisitions
      • International Law
      • Real Estate Law and Real Estate
      • Corporate law
      • Environmental law
      • Capital Market Law
      • Real Estate Taxation
      • Contract Law
      • Attorney - Communication and Media
      • Lawyers - Administrative Law and Local Authorities
      • Product liability law
      • Legal services - torts
      • Environmental Law
      • Intellectual Property Law
      • Arbitration and conciliation service
      • Labor and Employment Law
      • Planning and Construction Law
      • Insurance Law
      • Real estate law
      • International Commercial Law

      Executives working in Balter Guth Aloni & Co., Law Offices

      Moshe Balter

      Moshe Balter

      Founding Partner
      More Information
      Ehud Guth

      Ehud Guth

      Founding Partner
      More Information
      Eyal Bar Eliezer

      Eyal Bar Eliezer

      Managing Partner
      Shlomo Shteiner

      Shlomo Shteiner

      Managing Partner

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