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Established 2008

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קבוצת טלאור כראדי בע"מ

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The Talor Karadi Group is a leading group dealing with construction waste recycling, buildings demolition, treatment of contaminated soils, earthworks, and concrete production, and has all the credentials and approvals needed for its activity (ISO quality standards, standards associations stamp for recycling materials etc.) and works in collaboration with The Ministry of Environmental Protection. The group is in a meteoric growth and its combined annual financial turnover is about NIS200 million. The company’s owners predict that by the middle of 2023, the group will own 6 waste recycling sites.


The group was founded in 2008 as a company for earthworks. In 2015 the company expanded to the field of waste recycling and joined the company Perakh Reycling and Transportation as a partner, and later the group purchased 100% control of the company. In 2018 the group established the recycling site “Ad Halom”, a giant recycling site that is spread over an area of about 10 acres, where about 50,000 tons of waste are recycled every month.


The group continues to grow and opened another recycling plant in Ashkelon, and is also planned to build a recycling site in the entrance of Ofakim. This southern site will be spread over about 43 acres and advanced recycling works will be done there. This factory expresses the group’s vision of execution a circular economy in the world of building, from building waste to concrete for building. The group is building a giant landfill over an area of 100 acres in Ramat Hovav, in which landfill dry building waste and pruning waste will be buried.

Advanced Transportation System, Innovation and Technology

Talor Karadi group offers its customers an advanced transportation system that includes about 50 innovative trucks, designated for transportation and delivery of different materials and accompany about a thousand containers in various sizes to clear waste, and the company takes care of supplying the dedicated container, conveyance of the container to destination, evacuation of waste and transporting it to an authorized waste recycling site, and provision of contractual agreements and approvals to receive form 4.

The Group owns an innovative laboratory, in which the technological crew ensures all building waste transferred to recycle is not contaminated.


Prominent Projects

The Israel Electric Corporation Project - Rogozin Site, Ashdod – Demolition of complex structures, cleanliness, and treatment of contaminated soils for the electric corporation. Demolishing of complex structures that include thousands of square meters of asbestos, treatment of asbestos in ground and treatment of soil that was contaminated by fuels. Overall, the group handled over 10 thousand tons of contaminated waste.

Rahat Site Project - The Bedouin Authority - Roads breaking and treatment of building waste contaminated soils in quantity about 100 thousand cubic meters. Due to the project’s size, the company built in place a temporary recycling array to execute works quickly and efficiently.

Israel Broadcasting Authority, Jerusalem - Demolition of mythological complex of the IBA in Romema in Jerusalem. The work included complex demolitions in urban surroundings, and transportation of thousands of tons of building waste to group’s sites in Ashdod and Ad Halom.

Rothschild Winery, Rishon LeZion - Demolition and structure’s preservation in favor of building a new residential complex, evacuation of thousands of tons of building waste with precision in order not to damage the complex intended for conservation.

The Subsidiary Talor Concrete   

Talor Concrete was founded in 2020 as a part of the mother company’s vision to provide its customers with full service from stage of destruction, through removal of waste and to be finished with supplying concrete to each site. The first concrete plant was established in Beer Tuvia, and in 2022 the group built another concrete factory in Ashdod. The group expended its plant in Beer Tuvia, which now counts 3 concrete heads, and will soon finish building fourth plant in Eshel Hanasi. The company is headed by CEO Ran Abourmad, who brought vast experience and knowledge in the field of concrete. The company's current prominent projects include Ista Timorim – supplying concrete for building an industrial complex, for over NIS80 million. The company’s future projects includes the High-tech Park in Ashdod (providing concrete for company Rahmani Ben-Naim) and supplying concrete for Dona project in Carmei Gat neighborhood in Kiryat Gat.

Fields of Activity

  • Scrap Metal
  • Waste Collection, Recycling And Disposal
  • Roads And Streets Paving Contractor
  • Construction, General Works
  • Earthworks
  • Excavations
  • Concrete works
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Wrecking And Demolition Work


  • Recycling, waste materials
  • Earthworks
  • Wrecking and demolition work

Executives working in Talor Karadi Group

Photo of Company Manager

Tal Karadi

Photo of Company Manager

Lior Karadi


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    Waste Collection, Recycling And Disposal
    Talor beton ltd
    Concrete And Related Products

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