Paz Economy and Engineering 1996 Ltd.

Established 1996

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Paz Group

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פז כלכלה והנדסה 1996 בע"מ

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The real estate sector is consistently at the top of the Israeli public agenda; discussed at length within government ministries and local authorities, in the media and by the general public. Paz Group, synonymous with professionalism, experience and advanced methodologies in the sector, provides accurate information, practical alternatives and detailed implementation plans to major players in the field, including planning authorities and development companies. Paz Group enables professional, educated decision-making and leads processes that improve the sector’s overall efficiency. Paz Group operates at the highest standards of professionalism, service and innovation in the Israeli real estate sector, creating a better future in one of the most significant sectors of the Israeli market.

About the Company

Paz Group was founded over 20 years ago, with the mission of operating at the center of the Israeli real estate sector. The company has been consistently ranked #1 in the real estate consultancy and project oversight field by D&B’s rankings, for six consecutive years.

Paz believes that the role of the consultant is not only to provide answers; rather to empower its clients to ask further questions. Paz Group’s clients are not simply receiving professional services; rather they are partners, working alongside the Group towards shared goals. Over the years, Paz has accumulated vast experience, where the company is a key market player, advising hundreds of entrepreneurs - large and small, most of the government ministries, dozens of local authorities as well as private and government-owned companies.

Daniela Paz Erez, the CEO and Owner of the company, is an economist and certified real estate appraiser. Daniela has been active in the real estate field since 1992, having accumulated knowledge and expertise over the years making her a sector leader, whose opinion is sought by senior executives in both the public and commercial sectors. Daniela and the entire Paz Group team work on behalf of clients and towards the continued growth and development of the company as a leader in the Israeli real estate market.

Paz Group’s comprehensive solutions address all aspects of the Israeli real estate sector, across five major service lines:

Real Estate Appraisals - Paz Group’s land valuations and reviews are relied upon for financial and accounting purposes and serve entrepreneurs drafting proposals to public development tenders. Paz Group is one of Israel’s largest appraisal service providers.

Economic and Financial Consulting - At the core of every real estate project there are several cost factors to be considered against the project’s profitability potential, based on the level of demand for the project, the competitive environment, the project’s intended uses as well as the pricing model.

Paz Group provides economic consulting services for large-scale projects at the national and municipal levels. The company is proud to accompany such ventures since its founding. Our customers, from the various sectors, enjoy comprehensive and accurate information and analyses, characterized by the latest developments and updates.

Financial Oversight - Paz Group is Israel’s largest financial oversight company. The Company supervises for all of the Israeli banks and other non-bank financial institutions, providing services to most of the construction companies operating in Israel. The company’s financial support services are highly valued by entrepreneurs and financiers alike. The Financial Oversight Department’s economists support hundreds of construction projects throughout the country on a day to day basis. The extensive knowledge and market insights accumulated by the staff and company alike over the years provide significant added value to Paz’s clients as well as enable companywide synergies, serving the Research and Appraisal departments.

Urban Regeneration - Paz Group recognizes the importance of urban regeneration projects as a key to strengthening cities across Israel. To this end, the company operates along a variety of channels, including: drafting and developing policy tools for relevant government ministries and municipalities, participating in professional and academic forums on the subject, as well as consulting for entrepreneurs active in the field across the entire project lifecycle, from conducting initial feasibility studies through to construction completion.

Urban Planning - Urban planning comprises the physical, social, economic and environmental development of the cities and neighborhoods in which we live. Paz Group advises and supports key decision-makers in planning ventures nationwide, including: policy makers, public entities, private entrepreneurs and contractors.

Paz Group advises and manages statutory planning processes for authorities at the national and municipal levels, as well as on behalf of entrepreneurs and private companies along all stages of the planning process.

The Client and Professional Methodology

Paz Group understands that knowledge is the basis for realizing the client’s business strategy. Paz’s work methodology accurately defines and analyzes the client’s needs, presenting findings effectively and accessibly, while rendering feasible tools for educated decision-making and promoting the relevant business activity. Clients receive added value from the vast experience and knowledge of the company’s regular oversight of hundreds of development projects each month across the country.

The People

Paz Group’s most important and meaningful asset is its human capital. The company’s dedicated team provides clients with expert, multidisciplinary points of view and comprehensive guidance on a wide variety of opportunities and challenges across the real estate sector. Paz encourages its employees to learn, grow and specialize, utilizing tools developed by the company, such as “Paz Academy” and professional seminars.

Fields of Activity

  • Management Consulting Services
  • Real Estate Consultation
  • Structural Engineering And Civil Engineering
  • Urban Planning
  • Architecture
  • Engineering And Engineers
  • Design and Construction
  • Urban Renewal
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Actuary
  • real estate
  • Assessors
  • Bookkeeping
  • Economic Consultation
  • Engineering Services
  • Consulting and Organizational Development
  • Management / Business Consultation
  • Business Analysis / Market Research
  • Business Information
  • Research and development


  • Real estate consultant
  • City planning
  • Construction project management consultant
  • Evacuation of construction
  • Appraiser, real estate
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Banking and finance consultant
  • Civil engineering
  • Economic consultant
  • Business consulting
  • Market analysis, business, and economic research

Executives working in Paz Economy and Engineering 1996 Ltd.

Daniela Paz Erez

Daniela Paz Erez

CEO and Owner
Reuven Brinenberg

Reuven Brinenberg

Muli Shpiegel

Muli Shpiegel

VP Consulting
Shabtay Iuclea

Shabtay Iuclea

Head of Engineering Dept.

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