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זילוני - קליינמן לולצ'י

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Advocates Zilony-Kleinman and Lulachi have been working and collaborating closely for the past 20 years, initially in the firm of M. Seligman headed by Eli Zohar, and afterwards in the firm of Goldfarb & Seligman. During their years of work, they accumulated experience representing employees and large employers in the Israeli economy, in a variety of sectors, and in early 2021 they embarked on a new journey and opened the firm of Zilony-Kleinman & Lulachi, a boutique firm that specializes in labor law.

Representing Employers

The firm accompanies and counsel's numerous employers, big and small, and accompanies its executive teams in every aspect of the conduct vis-à-vis their employees, on both the individual and the collective fronts, with attention to the unique needs of each employer and to the specific circumstances of each and every case.

The legal counsels covers diverse topics, from “forbidden” and “allowed” during job interviews, through drafting employment contracts in accordance with the unique needs of each workplace, verifying that the employer complies with the various legal requirements during the labor relations – formulating comprehensive enforcement programs, work procedures and policy guideline documents, accompanying performance improvement programs, disciplinary hearing and termination proceedings, investigation proceedings for complaints concerning abuse, and accompanying the investigation of sexual harassment complaints. In the context of investigation sexual harassment complaints, there is an option of transferring the investigation proceeding to our firm’s team, who steps into the shoes of the company’s sexual harassment prevention supervisor and conducts the entire investigation and review process instead of the in-house supervisor, up to and including the generation of a final report, conclusions, and recommendations for handling the specific reviewed case.

 In addition, the firm’s team accompanies and represents employers in proceedings vis-à-vis the authorities, in applications for various licenses and permits (a permit for terminating the employment of pregnant women, a permit for working on weekly rest day, work in unusual hours etc.), and in review proceedings of the Ministry of Labor’s Regulation and Enforcement Administration.

For employers, whose employees are unionized, the firm also counsels in collective negotiations vis-à-vis the union, starting from the construction of a negotiation strategy and up to signing a collective agreement or updating an existing agreement, in managing collective crises, accompanying disciplinary proceedings which are subject to collective agreement and discipline articles.

Alongside ongoing legal counsel, we also represent our clients in legal proceedings in the labor courts (litigation), in both individual and collective disputes, and also labor-related class actions.

Representing Employees

Alongside employers, the firm also counsel's employees and manages lawsuits of the employees in the labor courts, including in complex issues of workplace discrimination, abuse and harassment in the workplace and unlawful termination of employment.

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  • Labor and employment law

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Orit Zilony Klinman, Adv.

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Sharon Lulachi, Adv.


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