Ems Mekorot Projects Ltd.

Established 1961

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שח"מ מקורות ביצוע בע"מ

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[email protected]
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1 Hapeled, HOLON 5881004
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Ems Mekorot Projects Ltd.
EMS was established in 1961, and is a fully-owned subsidiary of Mekorot, Israel national water company. EMS covers every aspect of water works and implements the major constraction & Electro Mechanical projects needed to develop the country's water infrastructure.
EMS conducts an innovative cloud seeding program, which enhances rainfall by some 15% annually.
Activities & Products
* Construction & civil engineering works
* Vertical water pumps (Line shaft & Submersible)
* High lift pumping stations, wells and boosters
* Water filtration and treatment systems, disinfection and purification
* Municipal & Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants
* Desalination plants via Reverse Osmosis Systems & Electro Dialysis
* Power & Control Electrical switchboards
* Computerized command and control and Scada systems
* Cloud seeding for rainfall enhancment.

Fields of Activity

  • industrial Machinery and equipment
  • Pneumatics
  • Pumps And Pumping Equipment
  • Waste Water Purification
  • Measurement and control equipment
  • electronics
  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Pumping Stations
  • Heavy Construction Contractors
  • Plumbing and water lines
  • Electrical panels, command and control
  • Electricity - Fuse Box, Distribution Boards & Components
  • Accessories electrical panels
  • car electricity
  • Garages
  • Spare parts for cars
  • Sewer systems
  • Environmental Research
  • water
  • Roads And Streets Paving Contractor
  • Construction, General Works
  • Earthworks
  • Laboratories and research institutions
  • water purification
  • Water Desalination
  • Farm Machinery And Equipment
  • ATV
  • Chemicals
  • plumbing


  • Pumps and pumping equipment
  • Sewage and water treatment equipment
  • Measuring and testing equipment, electrical
  • Pumping station construction
  • Control panels, electric
  • Bus garages
  • Sewerage systems
  • Desalination plants
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Trucks Garages
  • Earthworks
  • Accredited laboratories
  • Water treatment equipment, industrial
  • Desalination equipment
  • tractors and forklifts repair
  • water Desalination, purification, improvement

Executives working in Ems Mekorot Projects Ltd.

Amit Lang

Amit Lang

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Boaz Kiper

Boaz Kiper

V.P. of Engineering
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Alon Schwartzberg

Alon Schwartzberg

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Dafna Sheindorf Fisher

Dafna Sheindorf Fisher

Legal Counsel
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Vadim Zmoiro

Vadim Zmoiro

VP of Mega Projects
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Uriel Azran

Uriel Azran

Internal Auditor
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Gill Saad

Gill Saad

Marketing Manager
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Photo of Company Manager

Revial Nizri

Human Resources Manager

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