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ירון ספקטור שמאות מקרקעין בע"מ

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Yaron Spector Real Estate Appraisal Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Mr. Yaron Spector, who is a licensed real estate appraiser and economist, and holds an MBA. The company has been managed by Mr. Spector since then.

The company is known for his solidity, professional excellence, stability and many years of experience, as well as its in depth knowledge in the area, benefit its clients. The unique advantage of the firm, which is one of the largest real estate appraisal firms in Israel, that it is among a few firms in Israel appearing as a qualified authorized appraiser on the official lists of all Israeli banks. Yaron Spector Real Estate Appraisal Ltd. provides its clients with real estate appraisal services, supervision of construction loans, and assistance regarding improvement taxes, lawsuits (in accordance with regulation 197 of the Planning and Building code), unification and division tables. The company’s employees have in-depth and vas t knowledge of the real estate field in Israel and many years of expertise in fields which are central to the realm of real estate.

The firm’s uniqueness relies, among others, on the fact that it is included in the list of appraisers authorized for professional opinion on credit collateral and financial accompaniment and/or the fact that it operates as supervisors on behalf of the banks in the framework of financial accompaniment of all the banks in Israel, in any area, any asset value countrywide and any area of activity. This is due to the firm’s size as well as the good reputation that it gained over the years. Among said banks are: Bank Hapoalim, Israel Discount Bank, Mizrahi Bank, Tefahot Bank, The Discount Bank for Mortgages, Bank Leumi, Mercantile Discount Bank of Israel, The First International Bank, Bank Otzar Hahayal, The Jerusalem Bank, Bank Mishkan, Shipping Bank, The Continental Bank, Union Bank of Israel, HSBC Bank.

Areas of Activity

Real Estate Appraisal - The field of real estate appraisal at Yaron Spector Real Estate Appraisal Ltd. includes valuations, opinions regarding Improvement taxes, compensation for decline in value in accordance with regulation 197 of the Planning and Building Code and unification and division of properties. The firm is ranked 1st in Dun’s 100 Real-Estate Appraisal rankings in Israel.

Zero Reports (Financial Advisability) - The zero reports department deals in the examination of the financial advisability for real estate development projects as well as balance tables and division of apartments among partners. The firm is ranked 3rd in Dun’s 100 Real Estate Consultation - Projects Accompaniment rankings in Israel.

Supervision in the framework of financial accompaniment - In the framework of this field, Yaron Spector Real Estate Appraisal Ltd. handles ongoing supervision reports for projects underway.


The firm has three departments which have developed expertise and professional experience over many years in their respective fields, utilizing the firm’s size advantage and interchanging information. The departments are: real estate appraisal, zero reports and supervision in the framework of financial accompaniment. The real estate appraisal department specializes in the full range of  services such as commercial estimates of various real estate properties including yielding real estate, commercial centers, old age homes, protected housing, hotels, gas stations, agricultural land, residential buildings and more. (as already mentioned, the firm is on the list of approved appraisers authorized to professional opinions for credit collateral for all Israeli banks). The department also deals in various types of arbitration including opinions for legal courts, for taxation purposes such as improvement taxes and other real estate fees, for stock market forecasts including reports of public companies in accordance with the IFRS. These opinions are given to implement the IFRS at the financial reports of Israeli real estate companies in accordance with the Israeli Securities Authority’s regulations. The department also specializes in representation in cases of decreased value of real estate (in accordance with Regulation 197 of the Planning and Building code), preparation of balance tables in accordance with the Local Planning and Building code; The department’s staff includes experienced appraisers and economists in the field of taxation, law and real estate development. The department’s work is based on various databases developed by the firm throughout its years of operation. The department managers are: Mr. Gilad Gelbaum, a real estate appraiser and MBA, and Mr. Ronny Cohen, an economist and real estate appraiser. The staff of the zero reports department includes experienced appraisers, lawyers and economists, experts in taxation, planning, legal aspects and real estate development. This department works using a variety of databases, developed by the firm throughout its years of operation. Financial advisability reports for real estate development projects (zero reports) present a business examination before obtaining banking financing for the project construction (financial accompaniment).The report includes, among others, a planning examination of building rights, legal examination of property rights, and indices of development costs and expected revenue from the project. Such reports are prepared for all kinds of projects including residential, office, commercial, industrial, hotels, protected housing, gas stations, residential clusters, and so on. The manager of this department is Mr. Gil Siton, City planner (MA), lawyer and real estate appraiser.

Yaron Spector Real Estate Appraisal Ltd. provides ongoing supervision of financial accompaniment for all Israeli banks on projects on construction loans, The firm has an excellent reputation among both project developers and banks. Services provided by the Financial accompaniment department include ongoing financial accompaniment reports with ongoing engineering and economic supervision during the construction of the project.

The department staff includes economists, real estate appraisers and civil engineers who specialize in oversight of building projects and their budgets. The department has a great deal of experience in all types of projects including complex “Evacuation and Build”, National Outline Plan 38 as well as residential clusters, protected housing, shopping malls, hotels and industrial buildings. The department’s manager is Mr. Golan Vakrat who is a civil engineer.


Among clients include various developers, contracting companies, commercial companies holding real estate properties and local/district committees for planning and building, courts, etc.

Fields of Activity

  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Actuary
  • Assessors
  • real estate
  • Consulting and Organizational Development
  • Economic Consultation
  • Real Estate Consultation
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Engineering And Engineers
  • Urban Renewal


  • Appraiser, real estate
  • Appraisers
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Economic consultant
  • Real estate consultant
  • Construction project management consultant
  • NOP 38


Yaron Spector

Yaron Spector

General Manager, Owner & Founder
More Information
Gil Siton

Gil Siton

Manager of Zero Reports Department
Golan Vakrat

Golan Vakrat

Manager of Supervision Department
Ronny Cohen

Ronny Cohen

Manager of Real Estate Appraisal Department
Gilad Gelbaum

Gilad Gelbaum

Manager of Real Estate Appraisal Department

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