Steele (Segdor) Ltd.

Established 1997

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סטיל (סגדור) בע"מ

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66, Moshav SDE UZIYAHU 7926000
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Steele (Segdor) Ltd.

Stil Sgdor Ltd is a company that specializes in the field of metal. It is engaged in the production, design, and restoration of railings, fences, gates, partitions, pergolas, entrance doors, and more. The company made a name for itself by creating spectacular, prestigious, and unique designs from brass copper while combining other materials according to client needs. Stil Sgdor Ltd was founded by the Lerer brothers, who have been engaged for years in the field of metal, particularly iron and copper, an art that they inherited and learned from their father, the late Meir Lerer.

The company was established in 2005 and, within a few years, established an international reputation in the metal field while taking part in countless unique luxury projects for customers worldwide. The iconic projects the company has dealt with to date include the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, HaHurva Synagogue in Jerusalem (work that included a total reconstruction of railings, stairs, and lighting fixtures), the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem, The City home design complex and the prestigious Ahuzat Schneller project. The company's creations are known for their traditional approach and prestigious, high-quality products. Every project handled by Stil Sgdor Ltd receives personal attention and is tailored to fit the needs of each client.

Fields of Activity

  • Metal - Formed Products
  • Metals
  • Plating and Polishing


  • Coating of metals and formed products

Executives working in Steele (Segdor) Ltd.

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Yossi Lerer

CEO and Owner

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Company Registration Number 514087899


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