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Established 1955

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קבוצת א. הלפרן בע"מ

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14 Hamasger, HOD HASHARON 4524814

Founded by Asher Halperin, one of Israel first contractors in 1957, A. Halperin is a family owned company.

Since its foundation, the company has been engaged in the fields of sealing and insulation, in which it established its position and became a leader, while maintaining high standards of excellence and service. The company employs a team of highly skilled professionals, which includes engineers, practical engineers and managers, and carries out 1.5 million square meters of sealing and insulation jobs per year.

Why is the company so unique?

The company and its owners are involved in the day-to-day business managing.

There is a lot of stability - Low turnover of project managers and managers.

The company's development into innovative avenues and applications is built based on the vast experience gained by the company during its years of operation.

A. Halperin offers a 10 years warranty, that is backed with insurance policies, product liability and professional responsibility that is extended to the benefit of the customer, for specific sites.

The company carries out many projects that include detailed planning in combination with leading sealing consultants in the field. The company also employs insurance, safety and quality control consultants.

As part of the service set and selection of materials tailored to each application, "Melagol" was established as a sister company that serves as an importer of materials and products related to A. Halpern's areas of expertise. Melagol distributes the products to the best companies in the field in Israel and deals with finding solutions to common problems that emerge through the execution company on many sites.

Human Capital

A. Halpern has a long and reliable workforce that is regularly employed by the company and is the company's main strength in both the professional and commitment levels to which the company is required. Most jobs are carried out by A. Halpern’s team of employees accompanied by sub-contractors, who are experts in their fields.

The company is a “licensed sealer” an equivalent to ISO: 9000 certification, based on its team’s credentials as well as its procedures and protocells.


The company handles projects of various scopes while maintaining its high quality of work. The company carries out projects for public and private entities such as The Ministry of Defense, various municipalities, IEC, Intel, Teva, private customers and building contractors, prominent of which are: Solel Boneh, Electra Construction, Danya Cebus, Tidhar, Ashtrom, Manrav, Ofer Brothers, Azorim, Shapir Engineering, Green Buildings, Cooperative, Afridar, Efgad, Abyssror, Peretz Builders of the Negev, Sivan Performance, etc.

Areas of Expertise

Carrying out sealing and insulation works on all the elements that require sealing such as basements, parking lots, bridges, tunnels, roofs, balconies, wet rooms, reservoirs, pools, facades and more. In order to carry out the work, the company uses all the sealing materials used in Israel such as, Bitumen materials including bitumen sheets, FPO, PVC, HDPE TPO sheets, Materials: Polyurethane, Cements, Epoxies, Polyurea and single-component bitumen emulsions, and in the well-known insulating materials in Israel: Polystyrene Pull, Polyurethane Spray, and FOAMGLASS imported by Melagol.

In the field of concrete, the company manufactures lightweight concrete, concrete for the protection of the helicopter slides, concrete blasting and concrete containing crystalline additives.

The company aspires to provide its customers with high standards of service including meeting timelines, ensuring comfortable and safe working conditions for employees, who are the company's main asset.

Fields of Activity

  • Contractors - Insulation Works
  • Sealing and Insulation Contractors
  • Buildings Insulation
  • Dry construction contractors
  • Installing Insulation
  • Special works contractors
  • Sealing and insulating materials


  • Caulking (construction)
  • Poured concrete Inspection
  • Crystalline Waterproofing
  • Insulation Fire Protection
  • Sealing and Insulation Contractors
  • Concrete crystals
  • Insulation, buildings
  • Special trade contractors
  • Sealing - supplies and accessories
  • Insulation Materials

Executives working in A. Halpern Group

Asher Halpern

Asher Halpern

Dubi Halpern

Dubi Halpern

Irit Furman

Irit Furman

Omer Shoshani

Omer Shoshani

CEO, Melgol

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