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אלקטרה מגורים בע"מ

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7 Jabotinsky, RAMAT GAN 5252007

The Electra Group has been operating for over 70 years, and during these years has gained a global reputation in seventeen countries on four continents. The group, which operates in both the public and private sectors, has established a proven reputation for initiating, planning and developing prominent projects, ranging from residential buildings, industrial and hi-tech buildings to hospitals, public services, national infrastructure projects and more. Throughout its years of activity, Electra played a central role in the development of Israel's economy and at the same time established a comprehensive set of services in strategic locations throughout Europe, Africa and the USA. The group was founded in 1945 and has been traded on the stock exchange since 1971 on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 35. In addition, Electra is the only Israeli company which has been included in the global ENR 250 index for several years in a row.

A unique synergy

Electra implements a multidisciplinary approach based on the unique synergy that exists between its subsidiaries. The company's teams include over 13,500 skilled professionals, including first-class engineers, technicians and experts, who guarantee optimal performance in all phases of the projects. The group constantly continues to strive for excellence, steadily expands its presence in the international market and develops new ventures and partnerships with the aim of conquering additional goals and challenges around the world and setting a new standard of expertise, innovation, reliability and quality.

Life cycle strategy

The Life Cycle strategy guides Electra all along the way and guarantees that every project, at any level of complexity and scope, will benefit from a comprehensive set of services under one roof, and a commitment to excellence, quality and maximum availability at every stage of a project's life cycle. In this way, the group's customers benefit from providing an optimal response to every need in the field of operation and maintenance, such as facility and system management, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, elevator maintenance, cleaning, security, wastewater treatment and more. Electra implements a system for evaluating ongoing performance, which enables a quick response to each customer, including the activation of maintenance teams and advanced technologies, in accordance with the strict quality standards that characterize the group.

Electra Afikim subsidiary

Recently, the Electra Group added to its ranks the new subsidiary Electra Afikim, which allows Electra to expand the range of solutions it provides. Electra Afikim, which holds the concessions to operate public transportation service lines and operates an excellent array of private and institutional transportation throughout the country, will play a central role in the expansion of the Electra Group into the field of operation and maintenance of transportation in Israel.

Peace of mind for customers

The group makes sure to cultivate long-term relationships with customers from all areas of industry and the public and private sectors. Its financial strength, combined with integrity, reliability and professional management, give customers peace of mind knowing that they have one address for all their needs. Electra's matrix activity structure and the synergy between the fields allow it to successfully face every challenge and achieve optimal results. In addition, Electra is a representative of leading international companies in their field, such as Klaus, Otis, Honeywell, Carrier and Alimak.

Fields of Activity

  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Entrepreneurship / Development Projects
  • Projects Management
  • Real Estate Development
  • Structural Engineering And Civil Engineering
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Construction of commercial buildings
  • Management
  • Management Services
  • Brokers


  • Initiate project
  • Building contractors
  • Commercial and office building contractors
  • Management services
  • Management of foreign companies

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Yarok Sorek

General Manager

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