Established 1999

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מיוסט יוסי - מערכות מיזוג בע"מ

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13 Haoman, JERUSALEM 9342108
Service Areas

13 Haoman st. Jerusalem

Phone: 02-9911002

Fax: 02-9911003

Mobile: 052-2632333

21 Habrosh st. Ofarim

Phone: 08-9211312

Fax: 08-9211101

Number of company workers: 16

There is an additional branch In Modi'in

MAYOST YOSSI - AIR CONDITION SYSTEMS LTD. is a private company engages in the field of air-condition, ventilation and smoke removal. It gives service to the public, private, institutional, and contractual sectors.

The Company's Manager: Yossi Mayost, about 33 years' experience in the field.

Registered Contractor 24212 under section 170 B.

Member of the Association of Contractors, and authorized by the companies Electra, Tadiran Group, Samsung, Fujitsu, LG, Daikin, Mitsubishi.

Areas of Activity:

Specializing in supplying and installation of VRF/VRV systems, Chillers, Central Mini, Splits, WS units.

Ventilation systems, CO systems, Smoke release systems, parking lots ventilation.

Service department (serving private, public and contractual customers, Government offices).

We are certified contractors by the state's consolidated repository for public work up to 3 million shekels.

Projects done by us and delivered:

Herzl Museum, The Worldwide North Africa Jewish Heritage Center, Model of Jerusalem in 2nd Temple Period, Rachel Tziler's grave

B.Yair company – Projects Alenby, Sakai 3, Nofei Bikaa, Nofei Yair Ma’ale Adumim, Medoragei Yair, Mishkenot Ha’Uma.

Malibu Group – Ramat Rachel project, Jerusalem, Arnona Valley Jerusalem: 100 housing units.

Hasid Brothers - "Mishkenot Hateatron", Villa Bemalha, 9 Lupo project, 11 Kaspi Jerusalem, Har Homa Jerusalem. Nofei Zion Har Homa.

Boulevard Tel-Aviv – 150 Hayarkon project, 1 Gordon project, 4 Herzl project.

Ihud Yesodot – Schools and kinder gardens, United Hatzalah Ma'alee Adumim, Meimad School, religious girls' high school, Tel Zion for boys, girls.

Democratic school Modi'in, Beit Hakerem 36 housing units, Mevaseret Zion, Nofei Sela, Religious council Ma'ale Adumim, Auditorium Ma'ale Adumim.

Wolfson medical center, clean units for clean rooms, sterile rooms, pharmacy including monitoring, medicine cabinet.

Ezorim's Arza project, Africa-Israel's Hanevi'im project.

Technological Garden, Malha. Offices in Malha: IBM, Ex Libris, Open University.

Schools: Elon Shvut school, College for girls Bayit Vagan, Hashmonaim school, College for girls Ofra, Ha-Yeshiva Ha-Tikhonit Ma'ale Adumim, Tel-Zion school.

Synagogues: Tzofnat Kdumim, Blumenthal orphanage, Young Israel Ramot, Mishkan Eliyahu, Gilo, Gilo Beit Shalom.

Resturants: Café Rimon branches, Roladin, Caffit branches, Cafe Hillel, Tal Bagles branches, Olive branches, Hamotzi Jerusalem, Sushi Rehavia chain.

And more public, contractual, and private works: Ministry of Justice, Auditorium - Ministry of Construction and Housing. Hadasa College Jerusalem, Givat Zeev Mikve and school, Bikat Hayarden community center and sports hall. Pure Gym in Tel-Aviv, Bank Leumi Ramot, Briza holon – community center and gym.

Air Conditioning consultants we worked with:

Ehud Weisberg - Mishkenot Ha’Uma. Projects of B.Yair, Shelachem project, Zoran.

Vishkin – Briza Gym holon, School in Modi'in, Sports Hall Bikat Hayarden.

Eli Rozental – Tzofnat synagogue, Schools, All projects of Ihud Yesodot company.

R.S.L engineers – 1 Gordon, Beit Hashaked Holon, Beit Hateena Holon, 4 Herzl Tel-Aviv.

Meir Luski – B.Yair project Modi'in 96 housing units; 39 Hanevi'im Jerusalem, Auditorium Ma'ale Adumim.

To receive phone numbers of people recommending, by your choosing, please contact us. 


Fields of Activity

  • Air conditioning
  • Air Conditioning - Systems Installations
  • Installation Of Central Heating Systems
  • Installation of air conditioning
  • Dry construction contractors
  • Air Conditioning - Repair And Supply
  • Electrical Appliances


  • Warm air heating and air conditioning
  • Installation of airconditioning systems
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning appliances


Photo of Company Manager

Yossi Mayost

Owner and CEO
More Information
Photo of Company Manager

Anat Mayost

Finance Manager

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Company Registration Number 513186650


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