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אלעד רייך ושות', משרד עורכי דין

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78 Rothschild, RISHON LEZION 7522311
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Elad Reich - Law Firm (founder and owner), is known as a highly professional firm, that fights for the rights of the firm's clients. Elad Raich, adv. deals, among others, in insurance claims, damages, work accidents, car accidents, flooding of residential apartments and businesses, and fire damage.
Elad Reich Adv. accompanies the firm's clients from the first phone call throughout the entire legal process, always zealous to exercise the rights of the firm's clients. Insurance companies and tortfeasors often refuse to pay compensation to victims of bodily injury or property damage, Elad Raich law firm, exercises its in-depth knowledge, familiarity with tort law, and extensive experience in litigation, to fight fiercely for the client’s rights. Elad Raich Law Firm does not represent insurance companies and acts only on behalf of the firm's clients.

On the firm's website, you can view in-depth articles on the issues the firm deals with, informative videos, testimonials from the firm's clients, as well as judgments that were given in favor of the firm's clients to find their winnings and maximize the amount of compensation.


The firm's areas of expertise:


1. Insurance law: The Elad Raich & Co. law firm represents the firm's clients in cases where the insurance company rejects insurance coverage or the insurance companies underpay insurance benefits.

2. Property damage to vehicles due to a traffic accident: If your vehicle suffers property damage, our office represents private and institutional clients in a claim for vehicle property damage.

3. Flooding of residential apartments or businesses: Flooding of a residential apartment or business causes heavy property damage. Our office represents the firm's clients in claims against insurance companies that do not recognize insurance coverage or that recognize expression coverage but choose to pay only a partial amount as a result of property damage.

4. Work accident: A serious work accident is a life-changing event that causes great suffering to the victim. Our office represents the clients of the office before the National Insurance Institute and also, in claims against the employer in some instances.

5. Bodily injuries as a result of road accidents, exercising the rights of bodily injuries as a result of a road accident is a complex thing that requires wide knowledge and experience. Our firm accompanies the firm's clients in claims against various insurance companies.

6. Fires to apartments or businesses and representation of the victims of fire damage claims: In the event that you are required to file a claim or have filed a claim against you in connection with fire damage, contact our office for legal advice.

7. National Insurance and Medical Committees: In the case of a work accident, we represent the firm's clients in front of the National Insurance Institute, including appearances at the medical committees on behalf of the National Insurance Institute.

Fields of Activity

  • Legal Services
  • Tort Law
  • Medical Assistance


  • Legal services
  • car accidents
  • Bodily injury
  • Submitting Social Security Claims
  • Lawyers - Insurance Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Work accidents
  • Road Accident Personal Injury
  • Property Damage Laws
  • Torts
  • Lawyers - Traffic law
  • National Insurance Claims

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Elad ,Adv. Raice

Elad ,Adv. Raice

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