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סהר, סטוביצקי ושות', עורכי דין

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4 Marmorek, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 6425404

In the field of medical malpractice and torts, Sahar, Stovitzki & Co Law Office is recognized as a leading, well-established, and reputable boutique law firm. According to the leading rating companies Dun & Bradstreet (DUN'S 100) and BDI CODE, the firm consistently ranks among the top firms in its field.


Thanks to its professional knowledge, reliability, thoroughness, and striving for excellence, the firm has received great recognition from the court system and the legal community for many years.


The firm was established in 1955 in Tel Aviv by attorneys Yehudit and the late Yosef Sahar. From its inception, the firm focused on torts and was one of the first to develop a specialization in medical malpractice. Over the course of the 70s, Moshe Stovitzki and Orna Sahar-Ziv gradually integrated into the firm and led the development of its fields of work for over 40 years.


Evelin Aviad, Tal Bukstein, and Avi Benvanishti joined the firm in 2021, representing the most senior ranks of lawyers in the firm. Now they lead it and continue to grow it.


The firm has been well known in the field of medical malpractice in particular, and torts in general (and specifically car accidents) for almost 70 years, and it provides legal services in its areas of expertise to institutional bodies, government agencies, insurance companies, and private entities - both for plaintiffs and defendants.


Human Capital that is Professional and Committed


The firm's staff consists of 6 lawyers, all of whom have experience and expertise in court appearances, negotiation management, appeals, mediation, and complex civil proceedings. Over time, with attention to both personal and professional aspects, a unique human capital was developed.


The firm's staff participates in dozens of weekly appearances before all judicial courts and mediations in the field of torts and insurance.


Its team has an impressive track record, including many Supreme Court proceedings, including on precedent-setting issues.


The attorneys of the firm have extensive experience in handling tort cases encompassing all aspects, including preparing pleadings and expert opinions, managing negotiations, overseeing evidence, appearing in mediation procedures, and representing clients, primarily in the district courts and the Supreme Court. The attorneys are knowledgeable about the most recent legal trends in the firm's areas of expertise and are skilled at studying and analyzing medical matters.


 The office handles all types of medical malpractice cases, including obstetrics cases - complications for the woman or newborn (such as cerebral palsy), non-diagnosis of birth defects, malpractice in childbirth, neurosurgical, surgical, and orthopedic complications, anesthesia complications, the failure to diagnose a disease or the delay in diagnosing it, irreparable damage, etc.

Given the knowledge and expertise it has acquired, the firm assists in drafting position papers and guidelines in the field of public health, and the firm's staff is frequently invited to appear at professional conferences related to its fields of expertise.

Fields of Activity

  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Tort Law
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  • Insurance Lawyers
  • Aid organizations
  • Lawyer Arbitration & Mediation
  • Mediation and conflict resolution


  • Law office
  • Legal services - torts
  • Surgical Negligence
  • Lawyers - Arbitration & Mediation
  • Bodily injury
  • Negligence in diagnosis
  • car accidents
  • Lawyers - Insurance Law
  • Patients' rights
  • Arbitration and conciliation service
  • Lawyers - Malpractice during birth and / or follow-up pregnancy
  • Work accidents
  • Malpractice in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Insurance Law
  • Malpractice and negligence law
  • Negligence in family medicine

Executives working in SAHAR, STOBIECKI & CO., ADVOCATES

Evelyn Aviad

Evelyn Aviad

Adv., Partner
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Tal Bukshtein

Tal Bukshtein

Adv., Partner
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Avi Benbenishti

Avi Benbenishti

Adv., Partner
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Nofar Biton

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Omar Adani

Omar Adani

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Sarit Morag Padiuk

Sarit Morag Padiuk

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