Oren Ben Yair, Adv. & Notary

Managing Partner

Adv. Oren Ben-Yair, Attorney and Notary – Managing Partner

Born: 1974

Lives in Herzliya, married + 3 children.

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1999.

Speaks Hebrew and English at mother tongue level.

Adv. Ben-Yair is a senior founding partner of the firm and head of the firm’s litigation division.

Adv. Ben-Yair holds an LL.B. degree from Cardiff University and a Master’s degree in Law from Bar-Ilan University.

Adv. Ben-Yair has a notary license since 2015.

Adv. Ben-Yair serves as for the Ethics Committee of the Israel Bar Association, Tel Aviv and Central Regions, in significant cases, since 2010.

Adv. Ben-Yair serves as Chairman of the Board of the Opal Balance Group, a publicly traded company specializing in non-bank financial services and solutions.

Adv. Ben-Yair has extensive experience in courts of law in the area of commercial litigation.

Adv. Ben-Yair counsels the firm’s clients in a close, personal manner on matters pertaining to numerous fields of commercial law, starting from the stage of founding the company, drawing up required contracts and agreements, advising on Labor Law and required regulations, counseling on debt arrangements, managing financial claims and debt collection, resolving disputes between shareholders and partners, and drawing up compromise agreements and dissolutions. Also: ongoing legal counsel for companies in different fields.

Adv. Ben-Yair accompanies Israeli clients in their activities in Israel and around the world, and the firm provides ongoing legal services to Israeli clients operating outside of Israel.