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יואל שטרן ושות' - משרד עורכי דין

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Yoel Stern & Co. - Law offices


The firm's owner and manager, Adv. Yoel Stern, is a graduate of Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Law and has worked as an independent lawyer since 1990.

Adv. Stern is a graduate of a basic mediation course at the Israel Center for Negotiations and Mediation (ICNM) in the Technion's Neeman Institute.

Adv. Stern is a graduate of various advanced training courses including in the field of the Israel Land Administration (ILA), real estate taxation, planning and construction, vacate and build, and TAMA 38 earthquake retrofit.

The offices of Yoel Stern Law Firm have been located in the B.S.R. 1 building in its current form since 2006. Adv. Stern and the firm's lawyers are engaged in civil law, mainly in the various field of real estate including planning and construction, real estate tax, ILA law, consultancy in the various real estate fields, transactions, deals and consultancy for ILA assets in the municipal sector and moshavim, expansion of community settlements (including beyond the green line), planning and construction, vacate and build, TAMA 38 and its regulations, real estate taxation and more.

Our firm specializes in providing consultancy in the field of real estate (privately owned land and state/ILA owned land).

The firm also specializes in representing various clients before authorities such as the ILA, municipalities, planning committees and representation in eviction orders from municipalities, real estate deals including deals as part of evacuate and build, TAMA 38 and its regulations, deals for private land, the ILA in the municipal sector, industrial zones and moshavim.

In our firm, there are two associate lawyers with experience in the real estate sector as well as Adv. Stern and procedures are underway to take in an additional lawyer.

Adv. Yaniv Aryeh has 12 years of experience (8 of which have been with the firm) and is an associate with the firm specializing in planning and construction, real estate deals, TAMA 38, and assisting Adv. Stern in vacate and build projects and TAMA 38 litigation and projects.

Adv. Yossi Gavili has 5 years of experience (3 of which have been with the firm) and is dealing mainly with preparing agreements and assisting Adv. Stern in cases involving management of estates, litigation, registering land and vacate and build, and TAMA 38 projects.

The firm represents clients from the private sector (private landowners, apartment building committees/representatives, homeowners, cooperative associations and members of cooperative associations), clients from the business sector (contractors, developers, companies and partnerships, settlements) and other entities needing consultancy.

Until 2008, over seven years, our firm acted as counsel and legal advisor and represented the Tel Aviv and Central Districts of the ILA (Israel Land Authority) in conducting hundreds of different suits including eviction suits, financial suits, suits for construction without a permit and irregular use, and general consultancy on ILA matters.

The firm represents various business owners in Tel Aviv in negotiations and agreements for vacating properties with Tel Aviv Municipality (Assets Department).

Until 2012, and over nine years, our firm acted as legal advisor to the Nili Cooperative Association (the settlement of Nili is in the Modiin region) in both general areas and on project issues for construction and expanding the settlement.

The firm handles expansion of in the settlement of Selait and other expansion proceedings. This work includes tax planning of projects, arranging rights, various agreements, through to the end of the project.

Practice Areas

The firm provides legal consultancy on various issues in the field of real estate, and planning and construction.

Planning and Construction – Our firm has major experience in negotiations with authorities including municipalities, economic companies, in representation and filing objections to planning committees, appeals, administrative courts, planning procedures on behalf of developers and private entities, registering transactions and construction, handling expropriation and compensation and vacate issues, suits according to Clause 197 before local committees, appeals committees, and courts.

Real Estate Fields

Our firm is regularly engaged in supporting large scale transactions, and deals on ILA land in the municipal, industrial zones and moshavim sector, developments, tenders, construction and professional agreements in the building sector, projects for expanding settlements, construction projects in the municipal sector, vacate and build projects, projects for TAMA 38 and its regulations, registrations (including leasing registration, parcelization and condominiums), combination deals, construction deals, sheltered housing, and more.

The firm has handled and is handling, among other things, complex sale transactions, combination deals and implementing construction (including vacate and build and TAMA 38) in Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Ramat Gan, Petah Tikva, Herzliya, Ra'anana, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Netanya, Modiin Industrial/Employment Zone, Shilat Junction Zone, Hevel Modiin Industrial Zone (Tirat Yehuda), Shopping Centers (Givat Shmuel and Netanya), development and construction projects in Afula, Tiberias, Safed, and Metula.

The firm is acting as the lawyer in the project for expanding the settlement of Selayit.

The firm also supports groups of industrialists and investors in the field of real estate.

Our firm conducts hundreds of civil suits in the real estate sector including on behalf of the ILA in which familiarity with legislation is required and the various internal instructions regarding real estate law, decisions of the ILA Council, real estate tax law, and more.

Our firm represents condominium committees, representatives and homeowners and developers in projects according to TAMA 38 orders and its regulations and includes support and handling in negotiations, in proceedings for the issuing of building permits, objections and appeals for the aforementioned projects.

Our firm handles vacate and build projects in Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Kfar Saba, Herzliya, and Ramat Gan, which are currently in various stages.

Real Estate Tax Sector – Tax planning for deals, representing creditors before the real estate tax authorities, conducting negotiations and including tax appeals.

Cooperative Associations and Local Authorities – Our firm acts as a regular legal advisor to the settlement of Nili as well as in projects for expanding the settlement of Selait and including proceedings in the cooperative association regarding the project.

Financial Suits and Debt Collection – Our firm has been representing Bank Hapoalim – Mishkan Department since 2008 as well as representing the ILA in financial suits regarding real estate, mortgages, and financial debts.

Contracts – Drawing up various contracts according to the client's activities and including real estate contracts of various types (sale, combination, agreements for vacate and build projects, TAMA 38, real estate partnership agreements, renting, leasing, construction and professional agreements etc.), agreements, purchase agreements, loan agreements, setting up companies and partnerships.

Legal and Arbitration Suits – Our firm handles financial suits and arbitrations of various sizes as well as proceedings before appeals committees (taxation and planning), local committees for planning and construction, tax authorities etc.

Mediation Proceedings – The firm acts as a mediator in various disputes.      

Tenders Law – The firm supports developers and groups in examining, preparing and submitting tenders for purchasing real estate.

Inheritances and Managing Estates – Our firm handles this sector and acts as manager of complex estates.  

During the aforementioned activities, according to the requirements of clients, assistance can be received in negotiation proceedings, business analysis and more.

Various Recommendations:               

Mr. Moshe Popik, ILA Tel Aviv District Manager, manager of the legal departments of the ILA Tel Aviv and Central Districts Mr. Ben Shizef, Deputy CEO Phoenix, Mr. Motti Besser, former Director General State Comptroller Office and currently Diamond Exchange CEO, Mr. Baruch Zimmer, owner and CEO of the large contractors company Oren Hasela, Mr. Yair Cohen, owner and CEO of the Evnei Haderekh Contractors Co. Ltd. and more.

Specific recommendations and opinions will be provided in the future in accordance with the client's approval.

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