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מיכאל רוזן, עורכי דין

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Michael Rosen Law Office is a leading law firm with a wealth of experience in the field of local authority law on its various levels, with an emphasis on the field of municipal taxation;

 The firm was founded in 1997 and is one of the most established in its field.

 Over the years, the firm has represented some of the largest and most prominent companies and entities in the economy, in disputes the cumulative scope of which is billions of NIS, including banks, insurance companies, fuel, software, real estate, governmental and educational institutions and in fact all branches of the economy.

 Clients of the firm are able to benefit from the firm's experience in handling the most complex legal disputes, where the firm's professionalism, creativity and uncompromising determination constitute its added value.


Areas of expertise:

 Municipal taxation
the main sphere of activity in which the firm operates; The office has a proven ability and rich experience in handling all types of charges in the field of municipal taxation, with an emphasis on development levies and property taxes, in front of any authority and/or water and sewerage corporations throughout the country, as well as managing proceedings in all legal courts.

The firm manages complex litigation cases for its clients and is a key player in precedent rulings and landmark decisions in the field of municipal taxation.

Planning and construction and improvement levies The firm specializes in legal assistance in the field of planning and construction, with an emphasis on handling improvement levy assessments and compensation claims under Section 197.

The firm has represented and represents many individuals on the issue of improvement levies, both before appeals committees and administrative courts, and in follow-up proceedings in cases where the individual will first be represented by a real estate appraiser in a process of contacting a decision-making appraiser;

Class actions Over the years, since the passing of the Class Action Law in 2006, the firm has developed expertise in the field and filed many lawsuits mainly against municipal bodies and corporations from the private sector on consumer, media, financial issues and more;

 Many class action lawsuits filed by the firm have resulted in changes in the conduct of local authorities and many commercial corporations and, more importantly, have brought tremendous financial savings for the general public, such as:

 Changing the method of calculating the areas for the purpose of charging property tax, incorrect interest calculation for late payments, collection of storage and garbage removal fees that were illegally imposed, rounding property areas for the purpose of charging property tax
and artificially increasing them illegally and more.

Unique advantages and additional highlights

 The firm only represents individuals before local authorities and/or planning and construction institutions and/or water and sewage corporations.

 The office has ongoing collaboration with economists and appraisers, who have unique experience in the field of municipal taxation, who provide consulting, detailed analyzes and expert opinions that are used by us in the written claims against the various authorities and substantially increase the rates of savings that we obtain for our clients.
 Selected customers

Ministry of Defense, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, Menorah Insurance Company, Clalit Health Services, Israel Railways, UMI Group, Carso Group, Electra Consumer Products, Delek the Israeli Fuel Company, Vita Pri HaGalil, Somekh Chaikin, Nikes, Shikun  Binui, Azorim, Ashdar, Bonei HaTichon, Africa Israel, Rami Shabiru, Guy and Doron Levy, Gindi Holdings, Donna Engineering Company , and many others.

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Michael Rozen, Adv.

Michael Rozen, Adv.

Founder and Owner
Guy Hayun, Adv.

Guy Hayun, Adv.

Alon Loewenstein

Alon Loewenstein

Yulia Dominski

Yulia Dominski


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