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Established 2007

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חומי - ניהול נכסים ויזמות בע"מ

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25 Ezel, TEL AVIV-JAFFA 6763121
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Humi - Real Estate Management and Development Ltd. Is a privately owned company, that was founded in the beginning of 2000s. The company operates in 4 business sections and provides full professional answer regarding the management and operation of real estate   properties all over Israel.

The company has set itself a goal of becoming the anchor and the safe place for its customers,  thanks to professional, trustworthy, transparent, flexible and quick work done.

Humi real estate management provides wide range of solutions to the management, practice,   maintenance, and living issues, from the world of income-producing real estate.

HUMI LIVING – Humi Residential Solutions for Companies and  Corporations  Everywhere, in every format. Offering living solutions for workers in the different sectors of economy, including: living for foreign employees in Israel, labor from branches like building, hoteliery, industry, infrastructures, energy and hi-tech. In our possession an extensive variety of housing units, from  standard flats to luxurious apartments, according to the needs, wishes and budget of the client.

Matching the right apartment for the workers in the different industries will be realized in the following ways: locating apartments according to the needs and desired location, contractual contact with tenants, equipping and furnishing the flat, fitted to the needs and nature of the work and the employee, payment of bills and to authorities, payment of rent, 24/7 maintenance and operation response and more.

HUMI HOLDINGS – Humi Management and Maintenance of Yielding Properties

Management of income-producing real estate for living, for assets owners who want a piece of mind regarding the property and the renters. Humi management and entrepreneurship ltd. Is managing and upkeeping properties in Tel-Aviv, and specializes in challenges and opportunities in Southern Tel-Aviv. From the moment we meet the customer, we take matters   into our hands and manage everything relating to the property: contracts, collateral, collection of funds, conduct and response to the residents and preventive maintenance.

Under the umbrella of Humi property management, we are collaborating with all professionals a property needs, from the stage of finding the deal up to the ongoing conduct, working with us      are: real estate consultants and agents, mortgage advisors, surveyors, appraisers and lawyers. Also, professionals like: electricians, engineers for water and infrastructure, renovators, handymen etc. HUMI REAL ESTATE AGENCY – Real Estate Brokerage – Buying, Selling         and  Renting Properties

We are a real estate agency of buying, selling and renting assets, and experts in realizing the opportunities in southern Tel-Aviv. We supply an address for you, to buy, sell or rent housing units, thanks to our many years of experience, and professional staff that accompanied  successfully thousands of clients so far. 

 Thanks to our significant experience, the management of properties we are providing our  customers, and our deep knowledge with the market and the planning processes, we know  and promise to give you assurance along the whole process, and to provide you with much   more than you would get from any other real estate agent. And we provide you, among other   things, with financial, operational, marketable, and managerial  response.                                    

 AIRTLV – Vacation Appartements and Short-Term Rentals

Whether you are looking for an appartement for short or long term, at the center of the city's attention or in the south of it and its own special magic, we possess dozens of young,   fresh,luxurious and designed housing units, fitting every purpose and lifestyle.

A large part of our vacation flats is located in the regions of the "Tikva" and south Tel-Aviv,  allowing you to enjoy the quietness within the city's chaos. it's an unparalleled experience.

Our apartments combine the treats that feature hotels, and the fun, simplicity and accessibility of an intimate, designed apartment. Our flats are renovated, equipped and full of chic, that offer  the clients a chance to enjoy a living experience in the real and authentic area of the city.

The real advantage you will enjoy is getting a better product for less money, so the profit is all  yours. 

 In conclusion,

The hundreds of clients who are working with us along the years, know that the doors to our  offices are open all year long, and we are always available. Apart from the professionalism and the experience, we care about you on a personal level, and we will treat you as we wish to be treated. We are escorting you from the moment of choosing the apartment to buy or hire, and continue our relationship through ongoing maintenance, appraisals, renovations, escort of lawyers, if needed, and any solution or reply that will come up, so that you are certain you are in  the best hands, and you always have someone to turn to.  


















Fields of Activity

  • Brokers
  • Real Estate
  • Manpower - Manpower Resources - Outsourcing
  • Foreign workers
  • Human Resources
  • Maintenance of buildings


  • Real estate agents and managers
  • Manpower workers
  • Real estate agent, residential
  • Property Management
  • Real estate agencies
  • Building maintenance services

Executives working in Humi - Real Estate Management and Development Ltd

Photo of Company Manager

Michal Sade

Photo of Company Manager

Idan Farkash

Photo of Company Manager

Shay Adler

VP Development and Recreation
Photo of Company Manager

Meir Sade

Business Development Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Rami Aharoni

Director of the Property Management and Brokerage Division

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Company Registration Number 514051614


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