Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

Established 2006

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Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

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.AL & Co אברהם ללום ושות', פירמת עורכי דין

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[email protected]
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5 Hayarkon, Entrance , Floor 21, BNEI BRAK 5120125
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Sun - Thu 08:30-19:00
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Israel, Abroad

Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Firm – A leading international law firm with active branches in Romania and Ukraine and fertile cooperations with firms in the U.S. and in other countries in Europe.

The firm has a business orientation, and as part of this it offers to its clients solutions for executing transactions in Israel and abroad. The firm offers, inter alia, creative solutions for executing overseas transactions through a supervised acquisition mechanism .

Avraham Lalum & Co. is one of Israel's leading real estate and urban renewal law firms which includes, inter alia, an international department with a global reach.

The firm is ranked regularly and consecutively in Israeli and international ranking guides as one of the leading law firms in the practice area of real estate and urban renewal.

Avraham Lalum & Co. represents, inter alia, some of Israel's leading development and construction contracting companies, public organizations, local authorities, economic development companies, purchasing groups and leading investors in complex real estate transactions.

Some of the firm's practice areas include sale and purchase agreements, asset-swaps, Pinui-Binui, urban renewal, real estate sharing, contracts in Romania, Ukraine, Germany and the U.S., rental, execution, management and finance. In addition, the firm has a Dispute Resolution Department.

Since its establishment in 2006, the firm, under the management of its founding partner Adv. Avraham Lalum, is pursuing its mission exactingly at the highest professional level, inter alia through finding creative solutions for complex real estate transactions and their taxation, planning and title aspects, from the transaction planning stage and up to the construction execution and transaction implementation through a carefully-selected team of skilled legal professionals, as part of the firm's core values.

We believe that our role as lawyers is to enable our clients to execute real estate transaction efficiently and successfully, with a meticulous planning in advance of every aspect of the transaction, provision of personal service which is customized for the needs of the client and the project, and comprehensive, close, professional and creative legal service.  The firm's success is the best indication of the devoted work of its team of lawyers, who deliver, individually and collectively, significant added value to the success of the firm's clients.

The firm has extensive experience in accompanying complex real estate transaction from the early initiation stages and up to their completion. Over the years, the firm's team of lawyers has accumulated vast experience and deep expertise in the facilitation of a wide range of transactions, including: Real estate development, urban renewal, hotels and yielding properties, purchasing groups, sale and asset-swap transactions, Romania, Germany, Ukraine and the U.S., planning and zoning, real estate taxation, real estate finance, arbitrations and mediations.

As an international law firm and one of the leading firms in Israel, the firm has a wide-reaching network of business and professional contacts and it maintains close relationships with similar firms and external legal advisors in Israel and abroad, including relationships with renowned and leading businesspersons. The firm's international department maintains partnerships abroad and manages clients and transactions from the U.S., Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Georgia, Zanzibar and many other countries.

Fields of Activity

  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Legal Services
  • Attornies companies
  • Legal aid lawyers
  • Attornies Tax Law
  • Lawyer Arbitration & Mediation
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Lawyers Litigation
  • Environmental Lawyers
  • Real Estate Attornies
  • Lawyer Commercial
  • Real Estate
  • Urban Renewal
  • Special Legal Services


  • Legal services
  • Corporate, partnership and business law
  • Legal aid service
  • Taxation law
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Legal services - litgation
  • Environmental law
  • Real Estate Law and Real Estate
  • Ubran renewal laws
  • Law office
  • Real estate law
  • Planning and Construction Law
  • Lawyers - arbitration, mediation and conflict resolution
  • Antitrust and trade regulation law
  • NOP 38
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Specialized legal services

Executives working in Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

Avraham Lalum, Adv.

Avraham Lalum, Adv.

Founder, Owner and Managing Partner
Racheli Vizer Peled

Racheli Vizer Peled

Partner & Head of the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Dep.
Elad Ofek, Adv.

Elad Ofek, Adv.

Partner & Litigation Dep. Manager
Uri Katz

Uri Katz

Partner & Labor Law Dep. Manager
Assaf Zakman

Assaf Zakman

Partner & Head of the Finance Dep.
Aaron Volk

Aaron Volk

Managing Partner and Head of U.S. Desk
Photo of Company Manager

Yakov Oz

Partner, Cyber and Privacy Protection Dep.
Photo of Company Manager

Oded Shachar

Partner, Head of the Commercial M&A Dep.
Liat Avisira

Liat Avisira

Photo of Company Manager

Tair Damari

Photo of Company Manager

Yaniv Maaby

Photo of Company Manager

Fuad Daud

Photo of Company Manager

Ganir Shimon

Photo of Company Manager

Haim Friedrich

Photo of Company Manager

Lia Melamed


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