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י.א. מיטווך ובניו בע"מ

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[email protected]
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5 Druyanov, TEL AVIV-JAFFA 6314305
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I.E. Mittwoch & Sons has been operating in Israel since 1933, and is the exclusive distributor of the corporations NCR and Teradata in Israel.

The company's personnel includes about 200 first-tier professionals, who handle the:

Planning and implementation of computing solutions that are based on systems of NCR and its business affiliates.

Planning and implementation of data warehouses solutions that are based on systems of NCR and its business affiliates and other vendors.

Planning and implementation of communications solutions that are based on systems of Avaya and its business affiliates and other vendors.

Integrations of components from all of the above systems into complete IT solutions.

Development of general and dedicated software systems.

Planning and implementation of complex systems in various areas of specialization, including: data warehouses systems, self-service systems, public services systems, document processing systems, contact/call center systems and general-purpose IT systems.

Marketing a wide variety of products for the IT environment (computer peripherals).

Training, implementation and support for all of the components of the aforementioned systems, and 24/7 maintenance.

Organizational Structure

1.    The sales and marketing department: The sales and marketing department's operations are divided in accordance with the various areas of specialization: financial systems, retail systems, data warehouses, communication systems and computer accessories.

2.    The customer service department: the customer service department is divided to two major areas: hardware and software.

3.    The projects and technical assistance department, which handles the following three functions:

System analysis and planning, system development and implementation and strategic consulting (IT).

The projects and technical assistance department provides services for various entities in all of Israel's economic sectors.

4.    The HR, administration and accounting department

This department is responsible for the company's multi-disciplinary administrative functions, which relate to HR, imports from manufacturing facilities across the world, and exports.

The accounting function is responsible for the company's ongoing financial operations.

The company's services in the areas of installation, maintenance and comprehensive service for hardware and software systems complies with the requirements of the Israeli standard and the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The company received this quality certification in 1995.

The company is operating from 5 centers:

The Main Office in 5 Druyanov, Tel Aviv.

Tel: 03-5265555   Fax: 03-5282115.

The Service Department Center, Yad HaHarutzim, Tel Aviv.

Tel: 03-6364800   Fax: 03-6364802

The Computer Accessories Division, 35 HaYarkon, Bnei Brak.

Tel: 03-6186880   Fax: 03-6188799

The Jerusalem Branch: 8 HaTa'asiya, Jerusalem.

Tel: 02-6736262   Fax: 02-6736261

The Haifa Branch: 18 Huri, Haifa.

Tel: 04-8625461   Fax: 04-8620914

Fields of Activity

  • Computer Peripherals
  • Computers
  • Computer Services
  • Computers -Computers Communication Equipments
  • electronics
  • General Communication
  • Cash registers
  • Office Equipment
  • Retail
  • Computers - Computers Software And Accessories
  • Computers - Systems - Sale
  • Computers - Data Processing And Preparation
  • Computers - Financial Systems Management Software
  • Computer Software
  • Software Services
  • Computers - Integrated Systems Design
  • Bank Automatic Teller Machines / Atm
  • Communication Solutions
  • Computers - Software Houses
  • Engineering And Engineers
  • Handyman
  • Computer Repair


  • Computer communication equipment
  • Cash registers
  • Computer software and accessories
  • Data processing and preparation
  • Software for financial systems management
  • Computer systems, peripheral units, computer accesscries
  • Systems software development services
  • Bank automatic teller machines
  • Communication solutions
  • Data processing service
  • Software system design
  • Software - Data Warehouse
  • Computer cash register
  • computers service and maintenance

Executives working in I.E. MITTWOCH & SONS LTD.

Photo of Company Manager

Dr. David Mittwoch

Managing Director & Chairman Board of Directors
Photo of Company Manager

Dr. Eli Mittwoch

Deputy Managing Director
Photo of Company Manager

Amir Mittwoch

Business Development Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Giora Bar-Shalom

Marketing Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Igal Korkin

Hardware Services Division Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Tal Noam

DW & BI Systems Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Ofir Bar Orian

Communications Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Amnon Avi-Guy

Computing Solutions Manager
Photo of Company Manager

David Amit

Photo of Company Manager

Clara Judkowsky

Marketing Communications Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Hemda Danieliy

Photo of Company Manager

Shay Atia

Cloud division Manager

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