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גילה עיני עו"ד ומגשרת, דיני משפחה

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83 Haruv, MODIIN-MACCABIM-REUT 7179901
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Sun - Thu 08:00-20:00, Fri 08:00-16:00
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Jerusalem Area, Shfella Area

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The Gila Einy Law Firm, specializing in
family law and mediation, emphasizes comprehensive and personal service for each client, with uncompromising professionalism and solid navigation of the entire process from the very beginning.

The firm's overall objective in the legal proceedings and mediation process is to end any conflict between all sides in a manner that benefits all parties and reach a fair compromise within keeping of the rights of all those involved.

Fields of Expertise

The firm offers professional counsel on all matters to do with family law and is assisted by external experts in order to provide clients with the comprehensive care they need. The Gila Einy firm offers counsel on matters pertaining to family law, including divorce mitigation, divorce proceedings, prenuptial agreements, custody and joint custody, alimony, child support, paternity issues, custodial issues, common-law spouse, distribution of assets, wills and inheritance, separation agreements, asset balancing and more.

Governed by mitigation Advocate, Gila Einy, specializing in family legislation and with a Masters Degree in family law, Advocate Einy has vast experience is various leading positions where her personal conduct capabilities, strategic business-set comprehension, and tactical negotiation capabilities are brought to light. Following chief roles in international hi-tech companies, Advocate Einy is uniquely skilled in the economic field.

The Gila Einy firm's objective is to utilize every possible means to the fullest in order to avoid going to court, including mediation processes intended to end conflicts and reach a fair settlement. All this is meant to minimize the possible damage of a nasty family feud. In some instances, when the parties involved cannot agree on a mediation process, bringing the case to court will be the way to procure the best possible outcome for all sides involved.

Due to advocate Einy's vast experience in negotiation and mediation, she is able to determine proper alternating strategies in the purpose of reaching the optimal solutions, for various clients. The "thinking outside the box" approach along with the ability to listen, contain and manage complicated, stressful situations with creative solutions results in competent handling of familial disputes.

The firm stands for professionalism, respectfulness, determination, continued exertion, and merit. It is committed to offer clients gracious attentiveness and an understanding availability.

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Gila Einy, Adv.

Gila Einy, Adv.

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