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פיקסמן סוכנות לביטוח

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18 Bergman Zvi, PETAH TIKVA 4927975
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Have you ever seen an insurance company advertisement saying, "Join us and get a loan with an interest rate of 4% per year?" Of course not, and if you come across such an ad, it was probably ours.

Hello, My name is Shmuel Fixman, owner and CEO of Fixman Insurance Agency. We are a boutique insurance agency specializing in consumer credit, established in 2001. We provide loans from insurance companies at an interest rate of approximately 4.1% per year, for up to 7 years with the option to defer the initial payment for a year.


Today, due to regulations imposed on institutions, it is increasingly difficult for households to obtain funding from traditional sources. Therefore,  we have the power to turn a negative response from institutions into a positive one for the customer. The non-banking credit sector is a field that constantly changes according to market conditions, which is often influenced by the events affecting the economy. This situation requires us to adapt to market conditions while meeting the requirements of our customers.

We ensure transparency in the credit approval process, demonstrate availability, and provide a detailed explanation of the entire process from beginning to end. Unlike the norm, we do not charge any upfront payment for our service. Our service fee is based on our success in providing the customer with what they requested.

Shmuel Fixman - License number - 025024035

Fields of Activity

  • Insurance
  • Insurance - Agencies And Agents
  • Insurance - Insurance Companies
  • Training funds and pension
  • Provident Funds - Management


  • Life insurance
  • Insurance carriers
  • Pensions
  • Insurance services
  • Pension, health, and welfare funds
  • Provident funds, pension and training funds
  • Managed investments including trusts,pension & mutual funds,nec
  • Life insurance carriers

Executives working in Fixman Insurance Agency

Shmuel Fixman

Shmuel Fixman

CEO ,Owner
Yuval Alter

Yuval Alter

Legal Department Manager
Ruth Smolinsky

Ruth Smolinsky

Sharon Danino

Sharon Danino

Livnat Bergman

Livnat Bergman

Operations representative
Liat borovsky

Liat borovsky

Mia Ayalon

Mia Ayalon


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Company Registration Number 025024035

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