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שאול-רן ושות'

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7 Metzada, Floor 35, BNEI BRAK 5126112
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Shaul Ran & Co. was founded and is managed by lawyers who formerly worked in the State Attorney and other law enforcement authorities in Israel. The firm's lawyers specialize in criminal litigation (representation in the courts) and are experienced in representing elite clients in complex and publicized cases. For each client in the firm, a legal strategy is personally tailored, and it accompanies them from the beginning of the case to its conclusion. The personal attitude and service that the clients receive, guarantee the service quality and provide the clients with peace of mind and confidence during the difficult legal proceeding that they are facing. All of the firm's lawyers, without exceptions, are former employees of the State Attorney, the Police Prosecution or other governmental law enforcement entities such as the Tax Authority – Income Tax and VAT, the prosecution unit and economic departments of the Prosecution's divisions.

We believe that in-depth familiarity with the enforcement units and their individuals, the police and State Attorney, and proper working relations with them, help the clients and enable to optimally promote their interests and guarantee the desired result. The client respects its clientele, as well as the counter-parties, from a clear strategic and moral view that in most cases "Still waters run deep".

The firm specializes in representing suspects and defendants throughout the criminal proceedings, with an emphasis on economic offences, fraud, deceptive conduct, and white-collar offences such as money laundering, tax offences, corporate crime, stock manipulation, bribery, breach of trust, public officials' offences, theft by authorized persons and theft from employer and more.

The firm has some of Israel's leading Tax and White Collar departments according to the ranking companies, a department which handles both civil and criminal tax law aspects and assists the clients in their conduct vis-à-vis the tax authorities, including the income tax, VAT and white-collar and economic cases vis-à-vis the Tax and Economy Prosecution, The Israel Securities Authority, The Competition Authority etc. the department handles, inter alia, support in complex investigations, voluntary disclosure proceedings, assessment appeals, conversion of criminal tax proceedings to tax redemption, international taxation issues, court representation, legal opinions on tax matters etc. The department is headed by Adv. Elad Ron, who is a managing partner of the firm, one of Israel's leading white collar offences and tax laws attorneys, has both legal and accounting knowledge, member of the Israel Bar Association Criminal Tax Committee and AML Committee, lectures to law students on tax law and contributes from the extensive knowledge he accumulated on white collar and civil and criminal tax law over the years.

An additional practice area that the firm has expertise in, is criminal aspects of Cyber Law. This practice area is headed by Adv. Elad Shaul, who is a managing partner of the firm, one of Israel's leading lawyers in this practice area and has unprecedented experience in managing complex cyber crises which include criminal law matters, computer offences, extortion,  and reputation, media, extortion and ransom crises of private and public companies, organizations and individuals.

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Ran Elad

Ran Elad

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Shaul Elad

Shaul Elad

Managing Partner

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