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א.מ.צ שמש (1990) בע"מ

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A.M.Z. Shemesh 1990 Ltd. which specialize in executing infrastructures works with a specialization in development water and sewage and roads infrastructures, surfacing, scraping and more, was founded in 1990 and was acquired by the Abu Muck Family in 2009. Nowadays, the company executes a very wide variety of infrastructure works for developers from the private sector, various private entities, public and government institutes, and employs more than 90 employees. The company's 2017 revenues amounts to NIS 260M.

A.M.Z. Shemesh's excellent reputation results from its long-term perspective, compliance with very high standards, utilization of the best equipment and advanced innovations in infrastructures and construction, and its human capital, which offers a high level of service for all of its customers. The company's financial strengths position it as one of the most reliable companies in the field today.

Uncompromising Professionalism and Excellence

Following its acquisitions by the Abu Muck, a family with more than 20 years of experience in infrastructures, the company grew and continued to prosper, and its revenues grew by about 300% within a year. This company continues with this growth trend to this very day, while turning its vision into a reality. The company carefully maintains control and command over all of its management processes and its work plans are based, inter alia, on future trends which are relevant for its field.

The company's customers include the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Housing, Israel Railways, Israel Roads Authority, the Economic Company of the Local Government Ltd., The Governmental Company for the Protection of the Dead Sea, Yaffe Nof Ltd., The Economic Company for the Development of Be'er Sheva, Meniv Rishon LTd., Yoram Gadish and Yahel Engineering, the municipalities of Tel Aviv Yafo, Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Afula, Herzliya, Netanya, Ramat HaSharon and Hadera and various water and sewage corporations.

The company has a C5 (unlimited) contractor classification and is a recognized contractor for government works. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified in light of its compliance with particularly high construction standards. The company is registered in the Contractors' Registrar in the Segments: 100 Construction, 200 Roads and Development as well as 300 Bridges and 400 Sewage and Drainage.

High Quality and Innovation

Throughout the years, the company participated in a very wide variety of complex projects, on a national scale, multi-developer projects and project by various public institutes. It firmly complied with some of the strictest standards and the pre-set schedules. Professional engineers take part in the company's projects and it has very experienced teams and advanced and innovative equipment, which enables the company to maintain a very high level of performance and offer fully-customized solutions to its customers. The company is renown as a pioneer in its field in Israel, owing to its implementation of an advanced and innovative dynamic compaction method. This method has many advantages, which enable shorter work durations, high safety and computerized control throughout the entire compaction process.

Selected Projects

·         "Ribudim" – Northern District: a project for the Israel Roads Authorities with a scope of NIS 100M per annum.

·         "Overall maintenance": Southern District: : a project for the Israel Roads Authorities with a scope of NIS 40M per annum.

·         "Road 4": Executing a public transport lane: Ra'anana North Interchange-Hadarim Interchange. A project with a NIS 68 million scope.

·         "Road 89": Upgrading and expansion of the Kabri-Nahariya Road. A project with a NIS 57 million scope.

·         "Ganim Neighborhood Development": for the Economic Company for the Development of Be'er Sheva. A project with a scope of NIS 24 million.

·         "Neve Menachem Neighborhood": Be'er Sheva. A Project for the Ministry of Housing. A project with a NIS 100 million scope.

·         "Marking Works": Jerusalem Municipality.

·         "Road Scraping and Surfacing": Tel Aviv Municipality.

Fields of Activity

  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Contractor companies
  • Contractors - Infrastructure Works
  • Earthworks
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • sewage contractors
  • Special works contractors
  • Roads And Streets Paving Contractor
  • Heavy Construction Contractors
  • Construction, General Works
  • Roads and parking lots
  • Development contractors
  • Plumbing and water lines
  • Structural Engineering And Civil Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • Plumbers


  • Earthmoving contractor
  • Dewatering
  • Bridge, tunnel, and elevated highway
  • Earthworks
  • Road surfacing
  • Bridge construction
  • Infrastructure works contractor
  • Water, sewer, and utility lines

Executives working in A.M.S SHEMESH (1990) LTD

Photo of Company Manager

Mahde Abu Muck

More Information
Photo of Company Manager

Shuki Weitzman

Photo of Company Manager

Orit Cohen

Purchasing manager
Photo of Company Manager

David Ohayun

Legal advisor
Photo of Company Manager

Doron Richter

VP Engineering
Photo of Company Manager

Rotem Lahmi


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