Mahde Abu Muck


Mahde Abu Muck – CEO

Mahde was born in 1990 and has been serving as the company's CEO for three years. Throughout the years, Mahde participated in various earthworks and infrastructures courses and provided extensive community service through donations. Mahde speaks Arabic, Hebrew and English.

Recently-led Moves

In recent years, Mahde Abu Muck has been responsible for upgrading the company's managerial system. This was done through the replacement of its former accounting firm with one of Israel largest and leading firms, the introduction of new financial procedures, and utilization of the company's financial system alongside a dedicated management software system.

The Company's Strengths

Mahde believes that the company's very diverse professional capabilities, which are expressed in its high classification in various contractor categories, including infrastructures, water and sewage, bridges and construction and road paving, enables it to successfully maintain its excellent reputation and attract numerous customers. All of the above are also the result of its high-quality manpower, comprising both Jewish and Muslim workers, a very professional and experienced workforce. This, in addition to its modern equipment, which enables it to apply some of the most advanced work processes (such as dynamic compacting, and more).

Recent Key Moves

Recently, the company entered the interchange construction field, with a major bridge construction project. This segment is expected to lead the company to works on a national scale, some of which would be large and complex.

Main Challenges in the next few Years.

The company is aiming to expand its areas of expertise and enter, alongside with continued infrastructure projects, also to residential construction. In addition, is aims to expand all of its areas of operation in Israel in the fields where it has extensive experience and broad know-how.

Recommendation to Up and Coming Executives

In light of his personal experience, Mahde recommends up and coming executives to use the experience of professional advisors from the relevant field, and rely on their extensive know-how. This would enable them to handle crucial decisions and management challenges with greater success, and offer the right solution and response.

Final Tip

Mahde recommends that you remember, also during hardships, that adhering to your principles and to the guidelines of proper management would lead the company to prosperity and success in the long run. This is true even if it requires high expenses and seems very complicated.

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