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פסגת הגימור עבודות בניה בע"מ

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[email protected]
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3 Hamanof, REHOVOT 7638603
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Sun - Thu 08:00-18:00
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Central District, גוש דן, Shfella Area

Pisgat HaGimur Construction Works Ltd - Alshamali Group is a company with more than 45 years of experience in the Israeli construction industry.

The company was established in 1965 by the family patriarch, and today the company is managed by the second generation - his sons.

Pisgat HaGimur Construction Works Ltd - Alshamali Group specializes in the construction of residential buildings, saturated construction, and construction of private houses - villas, cottages, and duplexes.

Throughout its decades of operation, the company has developed for construction companies and developers thousands of housing units with saturated construction as well as hundreds of cottages and villas for private customers all over the country, including Rehovot, Netanya, Rishon Lezion, Yehud-Monoson, Tel Aviv, Ramla and other cities.

The company employs professional teams in all branches of construction. There are over 100 employees in the company, both Palestinians and Israelis, including skeleton teams, finishers with the highest level of professionalism and experience in the industry, as well as skilled and licensed specialist foremen registered in the Ministry of Labor and Welfare's register.


The company meets all the standards and requirements of the various government ministries, including the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It also meets all the financial requirements of the banks and provides all the guarantees required for large and small projects. Furthermore, it is very stable financially.


The company's name is synonymous with reliability, professionalism, strict adherence to schedules, and, above all, quality and uncompromising construction. With the best materials and the most experienced professionals, successful projects have been completed, as can be attested to by dozens of construction and development companies, as well as hundreds of satisfied customers.


Company Details

Company name: Pisgat Hagimur Construction Works Ltd PO Box 514633262


Alshamali Group

Phone: 08-9797919 Fax: 08-919707 [email protected]

Address: 3 HaManof St., Rehovot - Analyst House


Meet Our Team...

Chairman and CEO of Alshamali Group, Founder: Alshamali Jamal 050-7298080

Executive Vice President: Alshamali Taysir 050-3111500


Vice President of Business Development - in the field of execution: Kobi Elkner 054-4276812

Company engineer: Pavel Pribinger 053-2030283

CFO: Halima Alshamali 08-9316666

Accountant: Nitzan Lazarov 052-6693496

Company accountant: Samer Azer 050-44449811

Company Treasurer: Alshamali Bader 052-5879042

Safety and security: Zohar Alshamali 052-5218296

Executive Director of Finishing Works - Mahmoud Abu Hamed 050-7475725

Legal advisor - Adv. Alshmali Samach 050-5974732

Office Manager: Sima Neto 08-9797919


Among Our Clients...

A.N. Nazam Ltd

Construction of a 27-unit residential building - Kehilat Yitzhak VeAvraham project at 6 Harduf Street, Ramla

Construction of 19 cottages in Kiryat HaOmanim - Ramla

CEO of the company - Haim 0525244400

Vachtal Plus Ltd

Construction of a 16-unit residential building - on 68 Sderot Chen 68. Rehovot

CEO of the company - Uri Vachtal 054-2200287

Gideon Hajabi Construction Works Ltd

Construction of a 15-unit residential building - 3 Giborei Israel, Rehovot

Construction of a 13-unit residential building - 6 Moskovitz, Rehovot

CEO of the company - Gideon Hajabi - 050-532612

Fields of Activity

  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Construction of single-family homes
  • Construction of residential buildings
  • Contractor companies
  • Contractors - Infrastructure Works
  • Heavy Construction Contractors
  • Maintenance of buildings
  • Engineering Project Entrepreneurship
  • Projects Management
  • Real Estate Development
  • Structural Engineering And Civil Engineering
  • Plumbing and water lines


  • Operative builders
  • Prefabricated single-family house erection
  • Apartment building construction
  • Residential construction, nec
  • Pipe laying construction
  • Installation of plumbing infrastructure
  • Real Estate Development
  • Infrastructure works contractor
  • Single-family housing construction


Photo of Company Manager

El Shamali Jamal

General Manager

Business Data According to

Company Registration Number 514633262


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